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Compensation Requests - SHORTS

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  • Your In-Game Name
  • Your Discord Name
  • Date of the event
  • Time of the event
    8:40 PST
  • Which server did the event take place on
    MTAS Autumn
  • Explain what happend
    Just bought a code lock with a little over 6k rubles in my inventory, and had a shovel in my hand. when i bought it it took my 6k and didnt give me a code lock.
  • Why do you feel that you deserve compensation for this incident?
    Because I earned my money and was under the impression that buying an item from a trader would give it to me. I believe it didn't give it to me because I didnt have enough space in my inventory for it to give it to me but it took my money anyways.
  • Does the incident involve gear, vehicles or both?
  • Estimated value of lost items
  • Provide an list of everything you lost?
    6,000 rubles / code lock
  • Provide video evidence to support your claim
  • Extra infomation

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Hi there! Upon reviewing your request I have decided to DENY it. With requests like these we require some sort of evidence with you buying the item and then looking in your inventory to then find you don't have it. We recommend using ShadowPlay to record gameplay.

Kind Regards.


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