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Black Market Update and more threats!

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Hello everyone,
Today I have another change log for you all.
This one is going to somewhat expand on the last one, so if you have not read the last one, you can find it below.



More Mutants...
With this update comes another terrifying threat...
A Snort is one of the most recognisably human mutants in Chernarus. Thought to result from broken-minded soldiers left to 'guard' the infection zone, Snorks are recognisable by the loud grunting they continuously produce. On the downside, the Snork has poor eyesight as his vision is obstructed by the cracked GP5 gas mask view windows over his eyes, but he has a brilliant sense of smell as his nose is sensing through the filter hose of the gas mask, he uses this to precisely locate his prey. On some occasions, Snorks have been seen communicating to one another, although the language they use is broken and barely recognisable. 



Along side this, multiple new variants of slightly stronger zombies have been added, alongside a white Ecologist Scientist Zombie.


Black Market Updates
With this update comes a large and game changing update to the black market, along side the introduction of Sakharov the Scientist paying good money for the Snork parts left behind after if you manage to kill one. The Forester in the black market now sells incredibly good gear, but at a high price. He sells items such as VSSK's, M82's Juggernaut Vests, HeavyPlateCarriers and the ingredients to made your own home made or military C4's. Just keep in mind, the trader has no safezone and anyone could be watching...

New Clothing Mods
WindstridesClothingPack has been added to the server, this adds some really different cool clothing to the server, it is not in the server yet, but will be very soon
More information on the mod here:

Additional Updates
More missing items have been added to traders
More missing items have been added to the loot table
More food has been added into the loot pool
Close Anywhere has been added

Vehicle Persistence has been fixed

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