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Function Mods and Weather Overhaul!

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Hello everyone,
Going through all of the suggestions from the community on the forum, this update brings alot of changes and fixes the community requested!
This may not be the most interesting update, but it certainly changes the server

New Function Mods
With this update we have also introduced some very useful function mods to bring some new and useful tools to the server! 

The earplug mod by default is bound to 'N' and when pressed will lower your in-game effects volume leaving the VOIP level as normal
This means, when you're in a loud vehicle or loud situation and you need to hear your friends over VOIP press 'N' and you'll be able to hear them clearly!
You can also edit the controls of this mod in your keybind settings in the escape menu.


Toggle Earplugs = N
Increase Volume While Earplugs Activated - Equals (=)
Decrease Volume While Earplugs Activated - Minus (-)

Transport Flip
If you have ever driven a vehicle too fast round a corner, lagged out mid-drift, or just got bored and flipped your vehicle you know that there is pretty much no way to flip an upside down or stuck vehicle.
With the transport flip mod you can do just that!
To do this, you need a wrench in hand then aim at a wheel of the vehicle and interact with it and it will be flipped.



Weather Update
I think we can all agree that Chernarus can be a beautiful place but it can also look very washed out and grey at times...
Especially with the unavoidable blue fog that happens...
With this update we have worked on the weather system, Chernarus now has the chance to be bright, vibrant and clear
We have worked on balancing the weather so it's nice and sunny and times, but foggy and moody at others
Below you can see the comparison between before and after
(This of course is WIP and will be adjusted and tweaked over time to the communities preference)



Additional Fixes and Changes
Fixed Loose ammo piles spawning with 0 float value
Trader prices adjusted, animal products worth more
Fixed ammo randomly despawning even when inside a persistent storage container
Returned airdrop timer to every 30 minutes and worked on balancing loot again
Begun work on airdrop flares again to try and make them work properly

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