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Angel Arms Glitch

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Don't you just hate it when you wake up one morning and your arms have turned into spaghetti. Very much mimicking the featherless wings of an angel.



Just chop the fuckers off. Now use your feet for daily tasks such as; drinking from a well, shooting bitches in the face, opening cans of tactical bacon, abusing admin powers etc.




If that shit is still fucked and you continue to look like a monster from a Japanese porno;


1: Go into steam library -> right click dayz -> properties -> verify integrity of game files.



2: Delete your DayZ folder in your documents on your computer then restart your computer and come back to server. The bug is stored in your character data locally and needs to be removed and rebuilt when joining back in.



Congratulations, you are now able to play MTAS!... Don't know why you'd want to but each to their own...


Best regards,

Lord Onion


Edited by MyloTheAverageSniper
Incorrect DayZ Path (Game Directory)
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