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MTAS Playground Monetisation Program

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MTAS Playground Monetisation Program

Hello everyone,


For awhile now a lot of people have been asking us if we can sort out a proper system for donation and payment relations to in game bonuses.

With the server growing in popularity and the community growing as a whole we have decided to pull our finger out and get working on it.

We have a set of plans and ideas for what this will mean, but me must stress fees and associated perks will not affect gameplay in anyway.

You will not a gain an advantage in game if you buy these perks. They will be cosmetic only and will not give players unfair advantages.


Our current plans for perks will be a tiered system with static prices.

These ideas consist of:

  • Ingame clothing loadout sets with tiers

       - This means tier based sets of clothing that you can spawn with that are only available for donators opposed to the normal sets for non-donators

  •  Tiers of personalised cosmetic items

       - This means something like a custom armband or other clothing item made for your clan


Our server mod list. (These mods are subject to change if the monetisation rules or permission from the mod owner is retracted or changed)

  • WeaponReduxPack
  • [MOV] Unlimited Stamina
  • FIDOv Pack 4
  • MoreGuns
  • Cl0uds Military Gear
  • BuildAnywhere
  • RPCFramework
  • DayZ Wear Masks With Helmets Again
  • Inventory Plus
  • VanillaPlusPlusMap
  • Better Suppressors
  • Trader
  • Mass'sManyItemOverhaul
  • Code Lock
  • FixedStacking
  • ZomBerry Admin Tools
  • BuilderItems
  • TweakRaidTools
  • DestructionRebalance

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