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New Rules 26/06/2019

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There has been a few raised concerns from Community Members surrounding the current rules. Whether it's in regards to grey areas, conflicting rules that contradicted themselves, or just generally ironing out the kinks, among a few other things. 

Generally the rules had been getting added to as time has gone on and we have grown as a Community. But with growth comes teething problems and when reviewing some of these we noticed more inconsistencies than the Holy Bible.

The decision was made by Senior Management (to volunteer me) to analyse and re-envision the rules, and the page that it is presented on, and that, somewhat has over the course of about 3 hours this evening, has evolved into a 'Go-To' / 'Welcome page' for all current, and new, members of this amazing group of people that we have right here.

The largest change is to combat Trader Camping. We have entirely removed Trader Camping as a rule as it was difficult to gather evidence to punish. However the Radius of the No-Engagement Zone has increased from 400m to 600m.

Baring in mind that the average 'engagement' distance of a camper is around 200m. A 400m radius meant that there was a 1 in 9 chance of being spotted by a single camper if you left or returned to the trader from a random direction.

However with a 600m no-engagement zone, the circumference increases quite drastically meaning that the same single camper now only has a 1 in 25 chance of spotting you.
In practice I estimate more like 1 in 30, due to the fact that as you get further away from a destination, the number of approach angles available become much higher, making it much more unlikely to be spotted.

Making camping mathematically, a complete waste of time. I just hope it works in practice 🙂

@ApexNetwork has formatted and posted updated the Rules Page, and I look forward to your honest feedback on the changes.

New Rules

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