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NEW Basebuilding plus testing on Deerisle.

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We are lucky enough to be taking part in the testing of the new base building plus mod.  We are too excited about this!

This test is only happening on the Deerisle server because it requires all previous base building plus items to be removed as they're now incompatible with the previous version.  We are looking into applying this mod to the other servers at a later date.

As this is a test the usual way you would go about crafting these items is currently disabled.  The complete kits that are ready to use are purchasable from the trader.  The blueprints that you would usually need for crafting walls etc are still spawning on the server and can be sold for a fair profit. but are NOT usable.

Below is a list of the available kits for you to play with.  They are all purchasable for 5000 Rubles at the Construction Trader on the boat. 



Tier1 displayed on the bottom, Tier 2 in the middle and Tier 3 on top.

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