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Report A Player - mr.blackout

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  • In-game Name
  • Name of the player(s) you are reporting
  • Date of the event
  • Time of the event
    around 13:14 gmt
  • Which platform did this event take place on
    MTAS Summer
  • Who was involved in this event?
    dont know his name sadly.
  • Please provide any available details regarding the event
    Me and a guy i picked up from the nato trader decided to go and loot the tisy base with my car, we loaded our car up and started heading back to the nato trader, and the entire way from tisy to almost the border of the nato trader, we were getting shot by a guy who was speed hacking and running behind and sometimes ahead of us.
  • Please add any available evidence
    Sadly i have none, but i hope the other guy recorded it and will send a report about him as well.

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Hello, i have looked into the logs and the reported player's logs do not show anything suspicious, i have also checked the stats of the player and they all all ok... Unfortunately without video evidence we cannot do anything, sorry for the inconvenience. Report Denied.

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