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I suppose I have been playing on the servers long enough, I ought to introduce myself.  

Real name is Scott, in game, I am Gary Heidnik.

I have been playing non modded DayZ for 3 years.  I have about 1600 hours in.  

I am generally friendly in game.  I don't like to KOS if I can help it.  And I only shoot if I feel my life or the life of whomever I am traveling with is being threatened.  That said, I understand how the game is played.  I love the fact that you can play it any damn way you want.  

I found Mylo on YouTube and watched him for some time before joining his servers.  

Other than a few jack holes who like to kill outside the rules, I have had a good time playing.  

If you are looking for friendly play and survival, look me up.  

See you in game! 

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