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Found 1 result

  1. Mr.tych

    Ex-Military's in Cherno

    At this current moment, I am calling out to all lost UN soldiers who are MIA in the mountains of Chernarus. My name is Tych, a UN soldier, Ex Navy-Seal. I went MIA when the apocalypse broke out. My platoon and I were on a search&rescue mission to find a target captured by russian ground forces. Intelligence suggested our target being in a town called Vybor, When we had started clearing the southern industrial compound in Vybor, We heard the alarm go off and hell broke lose. It appeared that people were running out of their houses with suitcases pushing eachother over, ignoring traffic lights and within the matter of 30 minutes the town turned into a ghost town, or so we thought. Not even a minute after the town running empty we engaged in contact with a russian scout. Me being a scout myself found myself an emptied and abandoned apartment where I got eyes on our hostile contact. As I lay my Intervention out the window to take out the enemy scout, something crawls up behind him, at first it looked like a regular person but I could tell something was off. Next thing I knew it attacked the scout by hitting, biting and scratching it. Soon a second unknown entity engaged on the scout. I had never seen such a horrible death, I overhear the television still being on in the room next to me. I checked it out and with the little bit of russian I could understand, I overheard the words epidemic and, undead. Me thinking I had to report this I move back to my squad but once I reached them they were either dead, or well... undead. I ran to our humvee and drove off as fast as I could, I must have driven for 5 hours straight all the way to our base, which was a couple of tents set up in the town called Stary Sobor. I was roughly 1.5km away when I heard uncontrolled gunfire, and the alarm. I had 2 choices; 1. Defend our base against these inhumane creatures, or 2. Stay safe and radio for survivors. I did not want to risk my life over a few tents and after apologizing to the lord for sinning, I went to search each and every frequency for survivors, all I got back was people either in contact with the undead, or static... After stalking around Chernarus finding survivors and fighting the undead and Russians, I managed to find a safe area going by the name of NATO trader. It was here where I learned this place was so cut off it had not been hit by the epidemic, and there was a truce here. It was the place to rest and talk to other survivors to not lose sanity. When talking to others I heard stories, stories about the undead, about the war, but I what found most intriguing was the story's about another safe spot, clear of the war, clear of the undead, by the name of Russian Trader. I made a friend and together we checked it out. It was a long walk and I was worried it was all a setup by the russian forces to lure in UN soldiers to a cruel death. When I saw the 2 radio towers, my worries grew, a huge field surrounding this so called safe zone, and it has watchtowers! This cant be right, but the friend I had made was a strong believer of the friendly people that would be waiting there for us. After scanning the surroundings, he convinced me to make a run for it. We ran about 600metres within 30 seconds, we sprinted like I never had before. And as soon as we reached the fence, I saw UN soldiers, Russian soldiers, allong side, talking, sharing tales. A flood of emotions came over me as I saw one of my platoon members standing there, safe and sound. It was Icelandic_Fox, our marksman. Apparantly I wasn't the only one who broke from the group when the horrific epidemic broke out, after catching up with fox we made a pact. We and whoever is willing will cleanse Chernarus from this pest! Do you have the heart to fight for world peace?!