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Found 4 results

  1. Mr.tych

    Tych's Introduction

    G'day lads, my name is Tych, or Tycho. I'm 19 years old and live in The Netherlands. I Started playing dayz way back from the start, I really got into it at .62 and on. I know lots about dayz, and I'm learning more and more about this lovely community, questions? Do ask, I might be able to help! Cya in Chernarus 😉.
  2. Cpl_Punishment

    Cpl_Punishments Introduction

    Hey there, im 34 years old and a long time DayZ vet, started in the very early mod days and have since clocked thousands of hours in DayZ and various arma 2 and 3 mods. Recently gave the SA another shot with my friends and were having a blast on the MTAS server 2. Already hard at work building bases and hoarding loot, as is our specialty. 😄 Keep up the good work, Cheers
  3. Xeno

    Xeno's Introduction

    Hi All, Im Xeno, I'm 17 & I'm an IT Consultant from england. I found this server a week or two ago and it has drawn me back into the game again with an active community and quick support. I tend to mind my own business most of the time and venture round looking for people who are in need of help. I hope to see you around
  4. Eskimo

    Eskimo Introduction

    Howdy, my name is Eskimo, I am a DayZ player and a graphic designer. I really enjoy DayZ art or any graphic art really. If anyone wants art done or any photo edited I'm always happy to help; don't worry it doesn't cost a thing. Add me on discord if you need anything or just want to talk. Eskimo#7235 Also if you want to see any of my art just ask!