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Found 1 result

  1. MyloTheAverageSniper

    1.04 Sticky Menu bug Fix

    HOW TO FIX THE STICKY MENU BUG ON 1.04 Alot of players have been having the issue of the menu sticking on their screen after the 1.04 update. So I decided to make a tutorial on how to fix it. 1. Open Up DZSALauncher, select the server you want to play, hit the triangle button and press play. 2. You will load into DayZ with a screen something like this 3. Now the important part is that you DO NOT do anything or press anything at all. You will be sat on this screen for a few minutes and it will look like nothing is happening but you will eventually load into the server fine 😁 Most people when they load into this screen, press 'Play' and select the server they want to play and press join and the menu sticks onto the screen. Hopefully this tutorial will fix the issue for everyone