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  1. RavenousRP

    The Best Outfit Challenge

    Sorry for the delay i was caught up on work! I'm pleased to announce the winner of the best outfit challenge goes to @Alores! I love the hunter look and the color contrast! Contact me on discord @Mellow3588 for your reward! Thank you to everyone who entered and be sure to look out for more challenges coming soon
  2. RavenousRP

    The Best Outfit Challenge

    Look like a beast!
  3. RavenousRP

    The Best Outfit Challenge

    Wow an IRL picture from mylo! so nice to see ❤️
  4. RavenousRP

    The Best Outfit Challenge

    Captain Price Vibes i like it
  5. RavenousRP

    The Best Outfit Challenge

    Hello Fellow MTAS Players! Rav here coming at you with a challenge. I'd like to see the best screenshot of your finest outfits! The winner of this challenge will receive 25k Good Luck! END DATE 21/09/2019
  6. RavenousRP

    Cant find base furniture mod

    It's been removed from the server and may still locate on your PC, when loading up with DZSA launcher just untick the mod and join up without it
  7. RavenousRP

    Rav's Intro

    Wassup boys Rav here Just thought I'd get myself on the forums get a bit active and see what's cracking with everyone, Some may know me as the hero of MTAS server wars (basically the best pvper known to man) Hope to meet some of y'all in-game or for the ones I do I hope you can regear quickly because when i kill you i don't do refunds on gear
  8. RavenousRP

    The House

    We may be Thanos snapped somewhere else but here we thrive! LONG LIVE THE HOUSE
  9. We will we will rock you

  10. Hey man big fan

    1. G19RP


      Thanks big man, <3!

  11. RavenousRP

    The House

    Real House Lads
  12. Real Don

    1. Rickets


      Chang's Chinese Cherno Chicken 

  13. Wasson Rodgers