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  1. TinyWeeNipples

    Black Market and new threats!

    well in mylo keep up the good work my man!
  2. TinyWeeNipples


    IN GAME NAME:RABNAR DISCORD NAME: Extremley Small Nips PREFERRED TEAM: NATO.... dirty ruskis!!
  3. TinyWeeNipples

    Drag that dying bitch.........

    is there any mods currently out which could allow you to do this? dragging a body out of the open would be handy or is it like too much server side of things? ❤️
  4. TinyWeeNipples

    Red Vs Blue TDM event like every week?

    yeah too right i mean it doesnt have to be like straight up TDM but kind of along those lines! but im glad you approve lewis you mean mean nasty guard....... 😄 ❤️
  5. So i was thinking you could have like a red vs blue TDM? like certain days of the week on schedule kinda thing(obviously if admins are available), prizes could be like enough stuff to fortify a house for the start of a base or a full kit for pvping for the winners you know? i played on dayz arma2 for a long time on a server called GoGsworld and the events they had were so fun i could give you a list of events you could do! obviously its just setting the rules for these events as people just dont know how to follow then lol just trying to think of things for you guys to keep these servers heaving with players! hope this helps you in some way guys 🙂 🙂 P.S. hydra is the best warden about ❤️
  6. TinyWeeNipples

    TinyWeeNipples Intro

    oh im having fun trust me guys 😄 and im aware of the rules 🙂 dont worry!
  7. TinyWeeNipples


    all i will say here is.... man i miss the bikes dont you? is there no mods for that shit yet?
  8. TinyWeeNipples

    TinyWeeNipples Intro

    Well hi there.... i'm TinyWeeNipples(rab) and im 29 and fae scotland! You wana find me in the server(summer) just listen for me im sure you will hear me as i am LOUD AS FUCK apparntly 🙄 anyway enjoying the server its mental n full of mental people....... my home keep up the good work guys! 🙏 Peace out you sweaty SOB's✌️🤘
  9. TinyWeeNipples

    JudgeDoom Introduction