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  1. Stef

    Suppressors are too quiet

    From third person? There is a server with third person mode?
  2. Stef

    Murders within 600M of trade zones

  3. The screenshots are the two suggestions (in case someone is a Pepega):
  4. Stef

    Best Nato backpack for space?

    Ah right, my bad. I'm used to playing on the deerisle server and didn't pay enough attention to the question.
  5. Stef

    Best Nato backpack for space?

    I tend to use the Hunting TOP backpack. It has 120 slots, but doesn't take any attachments (iirc). It is very expensive though so it might not be the backpack for everyone.
  6. Stef

    Discord channel for videos.

    This is now outdated as the #screenshots channel is now #media.
  7. Stef

    Petition to save Deer isle 🦌 ❤️

    While I've only been able to play on it during the previous weekend, I completely agree with @Dott. The crashes to me just seem like restarts, and it doesn't take long before it's back online. I've also not encountered any glitches/bugs yet, but that might still come. Even though the server pop is lower than both the autumn and summer servers, I've encountered more people per hour in deerisle than I have in autumn and summer.
  8. While reading through discord, I came across this: This might not be my idea, and therefore be a stolen suggestion. But I felt the need to suggest this anyway as I agree 100% with this. I myself create some clips sometimes, for example when my gun has some ghost bullets loaded in yet again. I am not sure how many people would enjoy these clips, or how many people want to see these clips. But I'm sure there's people like me who would love to see the stuff that other people encounter. TL;DR: the suggestion is either changing the #screenshots channel into a channel for media stuff (clips, screenshots, maybe something else?), or adding a separate channel for videos/clips. Let me know what your thoughts are on this 🙂
  9. Stef

    We Need A Roof Or A Floor

    I know I'm kind of late on this topic, but I do partially agree with this. I played on the server with the base building plus mod, and it improved bases a lot. The thing I like about the current base building, however, is that people take over whole buildings. Walking through or past a town and seeing a building that has been transformed into a base seems very fitting in DayZ, to me. It also makes for bases that are easier to find, instead of having to look for a needle in a haystack (aka forest). Those are just my thoughts on this topic though, and I encourage people to voice theirs.
  10. Stef

    Megaphones at traders

    Do you mean remove them as not be able to buy/sell them? Or do you mean remove the function of using them? Some extra information as to what you mean would be greatly appreciated 🙂
  11. Stef

    More Dynamic loottable

    While I do agree with what you're saying, I know that they do seem to be improving the loot-table over time. I remember a time where all of the loot was a combination of the same three guns, and sometimes I couldn't even find a gun. That being said, I do hope they'll keep changing the loot-table slowly but surely. The summer and autumn servers have a much better loot-table than deerisle, which saddens me as I've had a lot of fun during the little time I've played on deerisle. If you're not talking about the summer and autumn servers, then my bad.
  12. Stef

    I am Stef :)

    I am Stef 🙂
  13. While browsing through the forums looking at stuff like compensation requests, I couldn't help but notice the amount of information you can extract from videos uploaded by players. An example could be a compensation request, where a car despawned in the base itself after a restart. In the video proof, you were able to see things like base layout, base position and valuables inside of the base. This isn't all that can be extracted from videos and screenshots though. If someone has their stash marked, and they show their map, then boom! Their stash can now easily be found by someone. I noticed a rule suggestion, which prevents people from sharing base details. I 100% agree with this rule, and I think there should be a way to prevent your base being exposed to everyone on the forums. I think there should be some sort of privacy setting, when uploading proof or adding a youtube link to the proof part of a report/request. Maybe a "This proof contains sensitive information" button would suffice, so that only admins can access said information. I would love to hear you guys' thoughts on this. PS. I think there's something wrong with the "notify me of replies" button:
  14. Stef

    Making money guide

    Instructions unclear, dick stuck in Humvee.
  15. Hello everyone, I just wanted to start an appreciation post for @OnionRingOfDoom and @LewisC as they're great admins and I wanted to thank them for taking the time to host events. Everybody that feels the same or wants to compliment either of them should do so in the comments or whatever you call it. Keep on rocking, both of you!