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    no i don't have any evidence unfortunately my recording software isint working
  2. TheGamingCyanide

    Compensation Requests - TheGamingCyanide

    Your In-Game Name Jah Your Discord Name TheGamingCyanide5751 Date of the event 07/10/2019 Time of the event 14:00 Which server did the event take place on MTAS Summer Explain what happend I got kicked for the server to update its mods and i could not join the first time nor the second and the third time i joined i opened my inventory and my ghillie suit was gone Why do you feel that you deserve compensation for this incident? i feel like it was just a stupid glitch that happens and i should be able to get my ghillie suit, espically its just a simple item Does the incident involve gear, vehicles or both? Gear Estimated value of lost items 1 Provide an list of everything you lost? Ghillie suit 1x Provide video evidence to support your claim Extra infomation i had a ghillie suit before the kick i know it for sure