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  1. Scarlett

    What the hell is going on!?

    I need some of what he's having please.
  2. Just seen ya new avatar on our discord, very cool. I might need to commision one for myself 🙂

    1. Scarlett


      He's so talented 🙂❤️❤️❤️ 

  3. Scarlett

    MTAS Weapon Pack

    I am SO excited to see all the new guns coming with this. Make sure you all tell Mylo our suggestions so we can make this the best mod for you guys ❤️
  4. Scarlett

    A Freshie has Joined the Chat

    Thank you for the introduction mister, I hope you enjoy your modded server experience here. If you have any questions feel free to come and chat with us on discord 🙂
  5. Scarlett

    Hello! Newbie here!

    Nice to meet you mister, lovely to have you here and thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself to us. I look forward to seeing you in-game 🙂
  6. Scarlett

    Compensation Requests - Erevos

    We usually do not compensate for cars but I have been made aware by some of our admins of the problems you have been having and on this occasion, we will accept your request. Your compensation request has been accepted, please create a ticket and include this compensation request in it. Locked and moved
  7. Scarlett

    DicountAustinPowers has entered the room.

    Lovely to have you here dude, welcome to the community and we look forward to seeing you in-game ❤️
  8. Scarlett

    Can't join the server

    Can you make a ticket on the discord for us, please. #read-me is the discord channel that explains how to do this. Scarlett 🙂
  9. Scarlett

    Can't join the server

    Can you make a ticket on the discord for us, please. #read-me is the discord channel that explains how to do this. Scarlett 🙂
  10. Hi there if you can make a ticket on the forums for in-game help, please. Go to #read-me on discord for detailed instructions how to do this ❤️
  11. Scarlett

    Ugh! Not so safezone

    Yes you can suicide in the safezone 😕
  12. Scarlett

    stuck under map

    You need to make a ticket on discord if you need in-game help. go to #read-me in discord and this will tell you how to make a ticket and we can help you from there 🙂
  13. We are lucky enough to be taking part in the testing of the new base building plus mod. We are too excited about this! This test is only happening on the Deerisle server because it requires all previous base building plus items to be removed as they're now incompatible with the previous version. We are looking into applying this mod to the other servers at a later date. As this is a test the usual way you would go about crafting these items is currently disabled. The complete kits that are ready to use are purchasable from the trader. The blueprints that you would usually need for crafting walls etc are still spawning on the server and can be sold for a fair profit. but are NOT usable. Below is a list of the available kits for you to play with. They are all purchasable for 5000 Rubles at the Construction Trader on the boat. BBP_T1_FloorKit BBP_T2_FloorKit BBP_T1_Floor_HatchKit BBP_T1_StairKit BBP_T1_WallKit BBP_T2_WallKit BBP_T3_WallKit BBP_T1_RoofKit BBP_T2_RoofKit Tier1 displayed on the bottom, Tier 2 in the middle and Tier 3 on top.
  14. Since the loot on this map has been changed to a 9 tier system instead of the 4 tier we have on the other maps I have been going through all the items trying to make sure the appropriate items are spawning in the right quantities in the right places. It's going to take a few cycles to get the modded items I added last night to come into the loot pool. Below is the map I'm working to, at the moment 8/9 tier is the highest with 4/5 not far behind. I have kept the loot at 6/7 to a minimum because I am yet to look at what those areas need but it's going to be based more towards survival rather than gear if you're that far north. I have no experience in dealing with this number of tiers in a loot pool so it's going to take some time to get right. Thanks for all your help working with me on this, we'll fix it together! Please add your suggestions below and we can go through them all and make the looting and game experience better for everyone. If you can give me information and even a map screenshot would help a lot. Also, tell me what you think there is too much of or not enough of and what type of area it is you're in like military or town or construction etc Thanks again for all your patience and understanding on this ❤️