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  1. Nick0414

    Booty Bandits

  2. Your In-Game Name Beefy Boi Your Discord Name Crab Raccoon#4950 Date of the event 08/25/2019 Time of the event 5am-6am GMT 12amEST Which server did the event take place on MTAS Winter Explain what happend Was driving our humvee and within a span of about 4 seconds our humveee was destroyed and both me and my teammate were headshot out of our vehicle running off the road in succesion from a total of 3 shots fired Why do you feel that you deserve compensation for this incident? Player was very suspicious during the event, and is potentially hacking if not already under investigation Does the incident involve gear, vehicles or both? Gear,Vehicles Estimated value of lost items 400000 Provide an list of everything you lost? Full multicam tropic set X2 including 2 multicam tropic opscore with GPNVG and Regular NVG, tropic plate carrier, flat green heavy plate carrier, 1 ar 15 ipsc with full attachments, 1 praetorian, 1 m110 sass black, humvee, 200k roubles, loads of meat and pelts, 3 m110 mags, 6 308 boxes, 2 praetorian mags with ammo, msfc case with padlock, cargo tactical backpack, pegasus tactical backpack, hatchet, 2 shovels, 2 pliers, metal wire, MTAS chevron patch, 2 ops mandibles and visors, hunting TOP, 4 smoke grenades Provide video evidence to support your claim Extra infomation
  3. Nick0414

    abandoned bases and excessive hoarding

    in a way i agree but also i think a big thing would be if they went around deleting all the shelled bases. i went around for about 6 hours the other day looking for potential raids and found roughly 20 or so abandoned bases in the top left quadrant of the map. one of them being a skyscraper base that took over an entire factory compound on top of it, easily 300 abandoned structures. so i agree with deleting abandoned bases
  4. Nick0414

    New breachcharge change

    @MyloTheAverageSniper appreciate the feedback, and please do keep this in mind. I understand where your coming from for keeping them in airdrops but at the same time airdrops will always have an upside cause of great guns and heavy armor. i feel like because the loot has centralized into the airdrops its all anyone goes to anymore. when raid tools would spawn on the map it made for some awesome city firefights and granted at that time the spawns were broken, i feel like this idea could really bring pvp to back to empty areas of the map that had cool dynamics for fire fights and also feels like a great way to balance base raiding
  5. Nick0414

    abandoned bases and excessive hoarding

    we only had that much loot cause airdrops were in need of huge nerfs. most of those guns you saw were found in 4 hours gameplay farming drops. since then we've liquidated almost all our loot into cash hidden elsewhere
  6. Nick0414

    Booty Bandits

  7. Your In-Game Name Beefy Boi Your Discord Name Crab Raccoon#4950 Date of the event 04/13/2019 Time of the event 5AM Which server did the event take place on MTAS Summer Explain what happend Server crashed cars rolled back, and guns despawned Why do you feel that you deserve compensation for this incident? server crashed and caused our guns to despawn Does the incident involve gear, vehicles or both? Gear Estimated value of lost items 40000 Provide an list of everything you lost? Pkp supressed and wrapped with full mag, 408 praetorian with full mag and hunting scope, aug a3 with mag atog and supressor, coupled stanag mag Provide video evidence to support your claim Extra infomation
  8. Nick0414

    Breach Charge At the traders

    @LewisC fight for my breaching charge post babyyyyyyyyy
  9. Nick0414

    Breach Charge At the traders

    too easy. i think the crafting route is best. if you could buy them id have easily 20 rn
  10. Nick0414

    New breachcharge change

    Author of breaching charge added in a crafting recipe for the charges. Did some brainstorming and figured after looking through the recipe that the first 2 steps of ingredients could be found in game and made rare finds from industrial and mily spawns, and the last step with GP and radio could be the radio costs about 20k to buy from the trader therefore making the breaching charge a rightfully farmed item mixing in both looting aspects and trader aspects into its origin. Also if this was implemented airdrops could be reverted back to maybe 30 min spawns and just keep the loot to its slight nerfed state to keep them from being an ez 60k money farm everytime you find one, maybe something like for a mil crate, 1 gun spawn 1 armor spawn, 1 misc spawn that can be any of the other spawns, 3 attachments spawns and whatever else they spawn. <-- that being an example of just that one crate.
  11. Nick0414

    Base Raid ideas, and Loot Fix

    So as of recent there was a very big unfortunate change to the raid system, AKA C4. This item was added in without any testing and caused quite an outrage because at the same time this released loot and airdrops were made to be completely broken. The server was at a relatively balanced place, a good base costed fair enough money to raid and required scouting to even make sure if its even worth the money making it a perfect balance. With the current new changes airdrops got a new loot table with the new c4, and from personal experience in the 7 drops i farmed right as they were released i found 2 c4 5 vssks 12 heavy plates, 1 golden ak, and 4 barretts, personally i believe this is way overtuned, but then it gets worse another group on the server started farming drops after my group had stopped and in about 2-3 hours they found 8 c4 deeming their rare quality not so rare; in less then 8 hours there was already 10 known c4 on the server. My personal idea and one that was supported from discussion in the MTAS discord is that like sledges and hacksaws became trader only for a price the c4 should be sold for a hefty price of about 100k. Now my reason for it being 100k is my next suggestion, the item overhaul as of recent was amazing, but it has one huge problem, money is absolutely worthless. Me and 3 guys went to tisy one night and left with over 75k of goods on 3 seperate occasions. The loot on the server used to feel vanilla esq with a small boost. Now it feels like trumps walls 5x loot where i can find any gun i want in a civy house. i understand the idea was to make mil loot specific to area and Tisy being the god tier mil base it has to be good, but it was made TOO good. i could get behind maybe finding a gun per barracks or every other barracks, with the chance of those sick sweet guns being found still but being able to walk into one barracks and find quite literally 10 guns or finding quite literally 43 suppressors in one tisy run is a little ridiculous. These are just my suggestions that ive seen the community come together on as a whole for things that need tuning
  12. Nick0414

    Booty Bandits

  13. Nick0414

    Booty Bandits

    @LewisCcome have some coffee or tea sometime, will show ya around
  14. Nick0414

    NATO Sling bag

    can we have the Nato sling gun bag back?
  15. Nick0414

    Booty Bandits