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  1. Nick0414

    AdvancedWeaponry Mod

    Good amount of its guns are in the game but the one thing it has that the server lacks are long range scopes with proper MilDots it has 2 of them, and a few recolors for some guns we already have that provide some variety. Mostly just want the mildot scopes tho
  2. Nick0414

    BaseBuildingPlus mod

    Been looking into the mod and it seems pretty solid and well made, lots of good reviews and it helps alot with base raiding seeing that it has four building tiers from wood, advanced wood, metal, and concrete. It also includes its own raiding parameters like concrete taking 40 mins to break and being broken by strictly a sledge hammer. Also has some cool base building items and features like raising chickens and other stuff.
  3. Nick0414

    Squad MSFC mod

    i agree shouldnt be a flood of all the random crap but atleast for now all the flat colors of msfc would be really nice, sick of having to rock multicam black on my flat black kit
  4. Nick0414

    Squad MSFC mod

    So currently we have a few things from the msfc mod unlocked in server which is nice as there is some variety with clothing. But compared to what we have availabe and whats on the mod we have like less then half the items, it would be nice if we could have all the camos and flat colors from msfc unlocked because with things like running flat green, black, or tan we cant really match. i know msfc has a whole flat black camo too match the items with mass's item overhaul and it would be nice to have full access to the colors