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  1. yellaju

    Internal Affairs - yellaju

    * As i read forums sometimes i found a spy in our discord. So this is dissapointed guy who lost his base. He described the situation in wrong conditions as the translator not really works for him. Imagine retaking base and logging out in it. Seems cool since you have a new base? Nah? Apparently i log in and the codes are swithced again as the guys also logs outs in the base apparantely. My pliars ruined, and I cannot do anything more again so I wait for my friends to come again using the gap they made it really easy to climb to the base. Just a bonus story.
  2. yellaju

    Internal Affairs - yellaju

    Talking about community report: Lets pretend all the admins and they friends were metagaming and doing the stuff because they really don't have time and want to have that rock base. They should't at least make fun of us in the discord, The_Hafician messages just spot them out. Short story long. They get destroyed legit way, with hard work of 5 days gaming, they retake all with not legit way in 1 day. Thanks again.
  3. yellaju

    Internal Affairs - yellaju

    These rocks were not here:
  4. yellaju

    Internal Affairs - yellaju

    Base now:Base
  5. yellaju

    Internal Affairs - yellaju

    Base then:Bas
  6. yellaju

    Internal Affairs - yellaju

    Hello, CallumM, I left your server for now with all of my team when we saw the rocks being spawned, so I can't tell what is happening. Rocks defenetly didn't despawn after the restart. There was a rock base with a little gap on top with a river flowing but my team started raiding it constantly so somebody decided to spawn more rocks to close that little gap. To be precise there was a lot of rocks defending that area allready and it was really cool and awesome to come and check but with all the rocks around there was a little gap in between all the rocks that you could jump off and get unconciuoss. After 5 days of constantly getting raided and finally securing that base, some admins spawned a lot of mines arround and sealed everything arround with more rocks. I was playing on the server for 4 moths now so I can tell if you destroy a base it's not possible to retake it with nothing and find mines in 5 hours. What happened literally a big Meta Gaming. I know admins are also playing this game but they should't do things like these. Server population is dying and community still is really strong but things like these gets people make a run. Btw i left my team base for one guy that I found in a trader he seemed really friendly so i thought he could have our base. I gave him code and permission to take everything he wants. Somehow the guys that we raided knew about our base and managed to get 5 hacksaws to raid it, a little bit strange thing is that only admins new where our base is. 🙂 i hope you will look at this cases from our perspective not the admins stories. I want to remember one more thing. Griffin_VA our guy got teleported by accident by one of the admins and when I asked scarlet why you are helping them to rebuild the base (because its defenetly what was happening) she told me it's not your bussines she were helping for one guy that was stuck in the rock. Just to remember guys that was raided managed to collect more than 340k for hacksaws in 5 hours, looks strange to me. Lets not forget mines. So basically 4 bambies managed to raid 2 bases with a count of 10 walls in a 1 day. Not a meta gaming? Thanks for attention.
  7. yellaju

    Internal Affairs - yellaju

    Your In game name yellaju, tayloras, deliux, griffin_va, meechy, llamahoe, sveet, rokis, crab racccoon, jesquick. Discord Name yellaju Who are you reporting? Rickets, maybe more (not to sure) Why are you reporting this admin? Hello, I want to start with that this server is really good and I like admin team a lot, we have some problems with maintainance but it's fixable.I am making this ticket from all of us, that is mentioned in in-game name tab. Situation that happened is hard to explain but ill try my best. Main thing that happened there was a rock base near the Nato trader that The_Hafician owns. He was defending it really well and it was fun 4 days battle for it. Worst thing is the last day, griffin (our guy) gets teleported to the base by a mistake and he sees admin just building up the base. So what happened is admin tried to seal all the gaps with a lot of wooden walls. We thought okay, whatever. After one more day we managed to get in with a lot of sawing and breaking. After getting in we locked everything up and sealed it again. We spend like 300k rubles only to get in. Now what happened i joined the server and i'm stuck in the walls, so what happened is the admin spawned a lot of rocks to seal the base even more. It would be all good if that rock area would be build from 0 and then taken again but when some players ask for a help of admin friends to seal everything and leave only one entrance because they constantly getting raided - that's not fair in my teams perspective at all. Message for Rickets: I don't know if you are the admin who did this but you should imagine how fun was ruined for all of us by doing that. One more thing I am not a child how you called me in discord, I have familly with 2 beauthifull daughters and pretty wife, I am probably more older than you are and the way I act its just a feeling expression on all this situation. Sorry if i made you angry or something but you don't need to act like you are a bambi from arma 2. Muting me on discord is more immature. Where did this happen? MTAS Summer Please provide any evidence you have against this admin. Extra Information
  8. yellaju


    IN GAME NAME: yellaju DISCORD NAME: yellaju#4069 PREFERRED TEAM: Chernorussian Militia
  9. yellaju

    Report A Player - yellaju

    In-game Name yellaju Name of the player(s) you are reporting Date of the event 07/03/2019 Time of the event 5:20 Which platform did this event take place on MTAS Winter Who was involved in this event? Big russian squad Please provide any available details regarding the event All the information you can find in the video, mic spam with translator. Translate: (You are fuk*ing poland, in ukraine people dying go outside from the traider it's my land, it will be bad for you...) English people might not understand but in real life Russian illegaly took part of ukraine and now he is trying to be cool and make fun that its a good thing and he is proud of it. But in true ukraine couldnt do anything because they didn't wanted to start a war, which still started because russians trying to take all their land really slowly. I am in part of helping ukraine soldiers with food, trainings and other stuff and i am thefenetly not a poland guy. I think he should be removed from the server because its really big offend and disrespect for other countries. Please add any available evidence
  10. yellaju

    Winter server

    Hello, why there is such a low population on server 3? @MyloTheAverageSniper maybe boost the slots to 90, only to get more attention from new players. Leave the others on 70. What do you think? Also with slots like this remove the cars from a trader, only selling them would be great.
  11. yellaju

    Compensation Requests - yellaju

    SOLVED, thank you'
  12. yellaju

    Compensation Requests - yellaju

    Sorry. My default locker code was 973214
  13. yellaju

    Compensation Requests - yellaju

    the one locker coded me. 973214
  14. yellaju

    Compensation Requests - yellaju

    Yes i did, code doesn't work
  15. Your In-Game Name yellaju Your Discord Name yellaju Date of the event 06/29/2019 Time of the event 5:30pm gmt +2 Which server did the event take place on MTAS Winter Explain what happend I put a lock on a locker, didn't set the code, and it change it for me by default, so i can't asses it with default numbers locker put me. Why do you feel that you deserve compensation for this incident? I can't unlock the locker with default code it gave me Does the incident involve gear, vehicles or both? Gear Estimated value of lost items 30000 Provide an list of everything you lost? It's all in the video, 8 silencers 2 nv, 4 chicken meet, and a gun. Provide video evidence to support your claim Extra infomation