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  1. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - MATЬ

    Unfortunately without evidence we cannot compensate you, sorry for the inconvenience, this request had been Denied.
  2. LewisC

    JudgeDoom Introduction

    Hey mate, welcome to the server and good luck!
  3. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - MajoR_MickeY

    request fulfilled.
  4. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - MajoR_MickeY

    Request Accepted create a ticket in discord next time you are in-game and link this compensation request.
  5. LewisC

    TinyWeeNipples Intro

    Good luck hunting brother!👋
  6. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - MATЬ

    Request fuilfilled.
  7. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - MATЬ

    Request Fulfilled
  8. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - MATЬ

    Request Accepted create a ticket on discord next time you are in-game and link this request.
  9. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - MATЬ

    Request Accepted it is clear you had the car in the first place as there are tyre marks there and i also did see your ticket on the discord requesting an admin to tp to you. See you in-game.
  10. LewisC

    airdrop mod fixed again

    We are aware of this mod being somewhat fixed but not completely at the moment that is why the airdrop mod currently is not on the server, the main reason being the loot will despawn a lot faster than it would in the crate but 90% of the time someone gets to an airdrop within 10 minutes anyway. I have seen lots of people asking when it is coming back and personally i don't think it would be then end of the world if we did bring it back with the current little bug, i will bring this up in the next Staff meeting and get back to you.
  11. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - Edelweiss

    Hello, unfortunately i am going to have to Deny this request, there is not enough evidence to support this claim, we have had people try to abuse this system before therefore we cannot take chances, I guess the only thing for the future is to record logging off, then record logging on each time but that could be quite annoying to do every time, this is just DayZ being DayZ and unfortunately you just have to be aware these things will happen now and then. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - Lonzo

    Hello, do you have any evidence of you actually purchasing the weapon as this just show you saying that you bought it, if not unfortunately we are unable to compensate you.
  13. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - Staffy

    Request Accepted Unfortunately we will only be able to compensate you for the scar and the attachments (8400 roubles) as there is no evidence the server crashed and you lost your vehicle with all of the gear inside, we have had people try to get more comp than they deserve before that's why we require evidence of these things happening. When you are next in-game please create a ticket in discord and link this request.
  14. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - Teoman

    Ok, happy is is all sorted for you.
  15. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - stefbuwalda

    Request Fulfilled.