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  1. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - central

    Request Accepted I spoke with another staff member and they are willing to assist you as they have had problems like this themselves.
  2. LewisC

    server restarts

    Hello mate, The restarts don't have set times.... They restart 6 hours after the server comes up so for example if the server crashed as 14:52, the next restart will be at 20:52 Etc.
  3. LewisC

    What the hell is going on!?

    Welcome mate! Have fun. See you in-game.
  4. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - Manheater98

    Request Denied Unfortunately we do not compensate for cars as they are very unstable, we do also have a disclaimer upon purchasing. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. LewisC

    MTAS (Meme This Above-Average Server)

    Thank you all for taking part in this little event! The winners have been decided: 1st place: Miyagi 2nd Place: Dehwood 3rd Place: Zuss Please could all of the winners pm me on discord to receive your prizes, thank you.
  6. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - BullJaXX

    Hey mate, do you have any evidence, we are unable to compensate without.
  7. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - effret

    Hey mate, do you have any evidence, we are unable to compensate without it.
  8. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - LFG-Olaf

    Request Denied No response.
  9. LewisC

    Servers locked to 1st person?

    Hey mate we used to have a 3pp server but not currently! Just the three FPP Servers.
  10. LewisC

    Report A Player - mr.blackout

    Hello, i have looked into the logs and the reported player's logs do not show anything suspicious, i have also checked the stats of the player and they all all ok... Unfortunately without video evidence we cannot do anything, sorry for the inconvenience. Report Denied.
  11. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - Viper

    Request Denied no response.
  12. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - Styx ♥

    Request Accepted next time you are in-game please create a ticket and link this request.
  13. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - BracdaBareBones

    Request Denied No response.
  14. LewisC

    Compensation Requests - Gandlaf The Black

    Request Denied Unfortunately without any evidence we cannot compensate you, sorry for the inconvenience.