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  1. Tony Two Toes

    Ninth Legion

    You guys sound like real dicks. Cool designs though.
  2. Tony Two Toes

    The House

    Your clan threads never cease to get me to half mast. Well done Rickets.
  3. Tony Two Toes

    Jonne Mafia

    Really nice thread, good luck!
  4. Tony Two Toes

    C.L.C Chernarus Logging Company Clan

    Do you guys also wear jean shorts and buffalo plaid buttondowns? If so, I want in.
  5. Tony Two Toes


  6. Tony Two Toes

    Tych's Introduction

    Is your enter key broken? Welkom!
  7. Tony Two Toes

    Reward Players with a welcome bonus (FORUMS)

    If the objective is to increase forum popularity, this sounds like a damn good idea.
  8. Tony Two Toes

    Spawning in with a knife

    It's not that hard to find a knife...
  9. Tony Two Toes

    A storage hunter event!

    Okay Stephen Hawking, I'm on board.
  10. Tony Two Toes

    Prison Island (Role Play Event)

    This event sounds pretty damn cool. Unfortunately I am unable to attend (if anyone's at the Hamptons on LI during the event, hit me up if you want free LSD), but it's nice to see more events happen that engage the community. Good luck!
  11. Tony Two Toes


    Americano mi amigo
  12. Tony Two Toes

    Remove the vssk

    Why not just nerf it?
  13. Tony Two Toes


    Oh fuck he's from Boston. Welcome!
  14. Tony Two Toes

    New kit when spawned in fresh