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  1. Before restart, I tried to buy hacksaw at eastern builder few times. It didn't add to my inventory (I had 4x2 space) . Now after restart it's not even there on trader item list. What happend?
  2. Szproto

    Traders and Despawning

    Two question from me, 1. Where are current trader locations? 2. Do fences and tents despawn? If so, how long it takes?
  3. Your In-Game Name Szproto Your Discord Name Szproto Date of the event 06/12/2019 Time of the event 14:00 Which server did the event take place on Server 1 Explain what happend Well, I was just calling an airdrop on one of the castle. Everything was going well, untill zombies have spawned. Probably because of sheer amount of them, and other 2 airdrops called by other players at that time, they started to lag. When I saw teleporting zombies I immediatly run for castle wall, hoping for good shooting postion and protection. Unfortunatelly, their models glitched/lagged on the top of the wall, and they didn't respond to any bullet. I started to recieve hits fromt them from nowhere. I tried to run along the wall, but 2 sec later I saw ''you are dead". Why do you feel that you deserve compensation for this incident? Well, I couldn't do anything. I couldn't kill them, because they was lagged, couldn't escape either. I didn't even see where they were I checked my ping at launcher 10 sec after accident, it was stable 89. Can't really tell how much my items was worth, I'm kinda new and didn't visit trader yet Does the incident involve gear, vehicles or both? 0 Estimated value of lost items 0 Provide an list of everything you lost? 1x Patrol Pants 1xPatrol jacket 1xAssault Helmet 1xAssault boots (with combat knife inside) 1xTactical belt (with holster and canteen) 1xPlate Carrier (with pouches and holster) 1xRed Mountain Backpack 1xSig SG 550 (with 1xtime yellow dot scope) 4xfull magazines for Sg 1xnightvision headset 1xBrowning Hi-power (with 3 full magazines) 1xnight vision goggles 2xbatteires around 5x canned food 1xlockpick 2xchlorine tablets 1xLarge Medkit (with 2 bandages, 1xcodeine pills, 2xcharcole tablets, 1xmultivitamine tablets, 2xtetracyline tablets 1x Splitting axe 5x boxed nato 5.56x45 ammo 2x airdrop flares 1xhunting scope 1xcamo net Provide video evidence to support your claim Extra infomation didn't have record on