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  1. Clear the Clutter and Help the Servers First off the bases. Recently with running around playing solo I have with increased frequency ran into abandoned bases. Be these from raids that forced the residents to relocate or projects that were given up on by the builders. Surely there is a away of tracking the activity so as to see if it is in use or just more server sucking rubbish. I have recently asked for a server admin to remove my structures so as to not strain the systems resources. Secondly the Items With the latest cave raid video on you tube by MTAS. Its very apparent the item hoarding problem (How Many VSK do you need?) Every single Item is a load on the servers resources. Such gratuitous hoarding needs to be stopped or at least curtailed. Not to mention how many half built towers that were used to form the inner perimeter wall. A drastic measure would be a quarterly wipe of all assets and items. Might seem harsh. Better than being water boarded for your Gates password.
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    I'm an old Geezer. Know to assist new players and those transitioning from consoles to the Pc version. I have dabbled with Admin roles to further assist those in need or those that have flipped there car into the upper atmosphere. My passions is water boarding captives and shooting anything with a pulse near my base.