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  1. OnionRingOfDoom

    Compensation Requests - Daryl

  2. OnionRingOfDoom

    Angel Arms Glitch

    Don't you just hate it when you wake up one morning and your arms have turned into spaghetti. Very much mimicking the featherless wings of an angel. FEAR NOT! I GOT YOU! Just chop the fuckers off. Now use your feet for daily tasks such as; drinking from a well, shooting bitches in the face, opening cans of tactical bacon, abusing admin powers etc. If that shit is still fucked and you continue to look like a monster from a Japanese porno; 1: Go into steam library -> right click dayz -> properties -> verify integrity of game files. 2: Delete your DayZ folder in documents on your computer then restart your computer and come back to server. The bug is stored in your character data locally and needs to be removed and rebuilt when joining back in.  Congratulations, you are now able to play MTAS!... Don't know why you'd want to but each to their own... Best regards, Lord Onion
  3. OnionRingOfDoom

    Report A Player - danmcman

    Hi Dan, Thank you for this. I will look into this today for you. Regards, Onion ❤️
  4. OnionRingOfDoom

    Discord server messages

    Hi Tych, That is a good idea. However one that is already implemented on the front page of the website. Also, there are plenty of warnings in-game about restarts etc. Also, when joining through DZSALauncher you can see server status there also. I believe having one on discord could slightly be a little much overkill. Unless you can think of any other benefits for it? Regards Onion ❤️
  5. OnionRingOfDoom


    To help balance the VSSK, we will be removing the VSSK Mags from the game. This means that you will have to manually chamber the next round after each shot. This will massively decrease the rate of fire, and means that after every shot the target has a chance to relocate whilst the shooter is unzoomed.
  6. OnionRingOfDoom

    Compensation Requests - davidleia

    Please upload this video to YouTube and link the URL
  7. OnionRingOfDoom

    Compensation Requests - Kylyn

    Hi @Kylyn, Would you please upload your supporting footage to YouTube and post the URL here for me? Cheers
  8. OnionRingOfDoom

    Dead body despawn time and map.

    Can confirm there is a "clean-up". I believe it is timed to every 15 minutes. It clears dead players, zombies & animals among other misc entities. Loot stays on the ground until it is no longer within a players "bubble".
  9. OnionRingOfDoom

    Prison Island (Role Play Event)

    Friday 5th July 2019 @ 8pm GMT 15-20 British Citizens have been arrested in Chernaurus as the Government suspect that one of them is a Spy. 5 less Guards (10-15) will be responsible for finding out who the Spy is. Whilst the prisoners and Spy are looking for a means of escape. This is a Role Play event expected to last for a couple of hours. There will be cells allocated for each prisoner. With yard time, dinner time, individual interrogation time, being locked in cells, it is meant to emulate the harsh environment that would be Prison Island. I will also need 3 or 4 people who will only be joining in only towards the end (known now as Team Watchdog) More details and rules regarding this closer to the time. If interested, please fill in the form here... (I can't guarantee that you will get your preferred role). InGame Name: Discord Name: Preferred Role (Guard/Prisoner/TeamWatchdog): Who's your favorite admin: Why is it Onion:
  10. OnionRingOfDoom

    Compensation Requests - EnteErdnuss

    APPROVED Please ensure you raise a new ticket and copy the URL into the ticket channel please!
  11. OnionRingOfDoom

    Compensation Requests - Davis

    Good job for recording this incident and getting it posted up here. After reviewing this request, it is clear to see that you attempted to purchase something from the trader. Money left your inventory, however the item was nowhere to be seen. Due to this, I am very confident in saying that this incident was, in absolutes, no fault of your own. As an added note - you are owed 1060 Rubles. ACCEPTED @Davis would you kindly; Copy this link: https://mylotheaveragesniper.com/topic/374-compensation-requests-davis/ Open a new ticket on Discord. Paste the link into the ticket channel. Kind regards Onion xx @MyloTheAverageSniper - Please see video above. Notice that when suppressor is purchased, the user is charged 1060, instead of the listed 1000.
  12. OnionRingOfDoom

    Compensation Requests - Rubber Ducky

    DENIED - for the exact same reasons as your previous claim about the same incident. You chose to drive your vehicle into Debug. An area outside the perimeters of the game. We are happy to compensate, albeit only when the claimant has absolutely zero blame for the subject issue.
  13. OnionRingOfDoom

    Compensation Requests - ArekVT

    Thank you for taking the time to complete this today. Based on the evidence you have provided, and your description of the event; I sadly regret to inform you that the decision has been made to REJECT your claim for compensation on this occasion. This decision was merit to the fact that there is no video evidence of the build up and cause of this incident. Most of the time we do not accept screenshots as acceptable evidence to validate a claim. This is due to the fact that pictures before have been edited, googled imaged have been used, and a 'crash' has even been staged in an attempt for free money. A further reason that I cannot accept this is that your friend should be making the claim. I would recommend you advise him to create a Compensation Request and upload video evidence of the actual incident occurring. A final reason is that the server was at what we consider a 'high population'. It is common knowledge and in the Read Me that we do not provide compensation for cars during these times, due to the poor stability of Vehicles on DayZ at peak times. Apologies that this wasn't the result you wear hoping for. Kind regards, Onion Locked & moved
  14. OnionRingOfDoom

    Compensation Requests - ArekVT

    @ArekVT Would you please provide any video evidence to support your claim.