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  1. OnionRingOfDoom

    Weapon Overhaul!

    Good work @MyloTheAverageSniper and @Scarlett! This is a great update! However; i thought the tactical V2 ballistic rocket trucks and the AI controlled AC130 attack plane where both coming on this update?
  2. OnionRingOfDoom

    Compensation Requests - FRENKLiiN

    Good afternoon, I have spent an hour or so going through our logs and compiled everything I can in order to assist you, and potentially save the community from another hacker. We now know who the suspect is and have as much information on them as we need; we will be keeping an eye but cannot act until they are caught either on recording or in the act, without video evidence from yourself we do not have sufficient evidence to remove him from the community or to compensate your items. Please note that if there was reasonable enough evidence to suggest that he is cheating, I would have acted. However, the evidence is HIGHLY inconclusive. With that said; I understand that this is unfortunately not what you would have liked to hear; but the admin team cannot ban people on the basis of "he killed me through a wall". DENIED
  3. OnionRingOfDoom

    Onion and Lewis appreciation post

    new phone who dis
  4. OnionRingOfDoom

    Compensation Requests - Thiefcatcher

    Hi ThiefCatcher, Myself, Lewis and Sandy have looked into this. You logged off at the end of video 1. You then logged back on 5 hours later into your base as is in video 2. With such a substantial amount of time whilst you were away, there is nothing to suggest that this was caused by a bug, when another player could have taken your vehicle. Therefore we have had to deem this as INCONCLUSIVE and as such must DENY your request. Any questions please raise a ticket on discord.
  5. OnionRingOfDoom

    Compensation Requests - Thiefcatcher

    Afternoon bud. I am struggling to view that video. Would you be a gent and upload that to youtube and post a link for me please? Cheers handsome man. - Onion
  6. OnionRingOfDoom


    NATO TEAM FULL! CHERNORUSSIAN TEAM FULL! RP/PVP EVENT TONIGHT @ 7PM (BST) ON "MTAS EVENT SERVER": STORY A SAS Helicopter containing a VIP holding 250k Rubles has gone down in Bash. Everyone died on impact apart from the HVT and 2 of his Body Guards. They have NO Radio contact, have no idea where they are, but are awaiting for the Local NATO Base to send rescue and assist them in completing their mission. At the beginning of the event, you will be Teleported to your team trader, given 15 minutes, an armband and 20k to gear up however you see fit. Remember food and water! You will then be briefed by your commander and the event will begin! NATO GOALS The NATO Team has to meet the VIP at Bash and take him first to Vybor Military Compound to deliver a Document. The Document & Money is to then be delivered at a NATO Checkpoint in the the Church at Stary Sobor. CHERNORUSSIAN GOALS The CHERNORUSSIAN MILITIA, must capture the VIP using any tactics or means necessary and return him to the Russian Trader for the 250k in Cash. The VIP MUST NOT be killed. GAME END NATO Victory: VIP, Money & Documents Delivered to Stary Sobor Checkpoint and held for 30 minutes. (250k split). Chernorussian Victory: VIP is captured and delivered to Russian Trader (250k split). The prize money will be given to you in whatever server you choose. RULES VIP will have no weapons and will be wearing GREEN CHEMLIGHT AND ARMBAND. VIP BodyGuards, Full Juggernaut Gear & Heavily Armed. No Armbands. NATO MUST be wearing BLUE ARMBANDS at ALL TIMES! Chernorussian Militia MUST be wearing RED ARMBANDS at ALL TIMES! NO Team Killing & and no 'Spies'. Everyone must be wearing their armbands at all times. RolePlay and strategy are encouraged - no need to rush. NO GHILLIE SUITS (They hide armbands). TO APPLY At the beginning of the event, you will be Teleported to your team trader, given 15 minutes, an armband and 20k to gear up however you see fit. Remember food and water! You will then be briefed by your commander and the event will begin! Reply to this post by filling in the form below; MAP CURRENT ROSTER SAS: Lewis, JamieCH VIP: Native NATO Commander: OnionRP Bliss Matb Stohn Jamos Panther UrMom420 RAGE Deathstroke Sgt.Gurke Larry Chuck Slim Shliiwa Rabnar JudgeDoom [OCPT] Kamikaze Halfrican Murph Bibbe Fisk smegmas s iste r Kylyn CapnQuav CHERNORUSSIAN Commander: Scarlett MyloTheAverageSniper Yellaju Bush Melon iDon'tLikeJaden apocbandit14 Highway22 GaryTh3Goat Blurry Azrael[1s] Chaff Nico SharkY Ulrichsen Kappa Godlikeandden Stef GermanKoala KornBlunt JBK Neddy beefy boi  Sullivan
  7. OnionRingOfDoom

    Compensation Requests - Harolds2k

    As per our last TWO discussions, you must provide full unedited footage of the start of the incident until the end. 1. The video provided does not show anyone stealing anything from you. 2. The video does not show that the car belonged to you in the first place. 3. The video does not present documentation and evidence of the loot that you propose was lost. 4. You died because you chased after them and shot at them WITHIN the 600m radius. However you will not be punished for this at this time. In future, do NOT kill people inside the 600m No-Engagement Zone. Instead immediately request an admin and upload a video of the full situation. DENIED
  8. OnionRingOfDoom

    Compensation Requests - Sgt.Gurke

    APPROVED Please copy the URL and make a ticket in Request An Admin on Discord. Cheers
  9. OnionRingOfDoom

    Compensation Requests - Zodd

    Hi @Zodd With great happiness we accept your request. Please cope and past the below (in bold) into the #request-an-admin channel on discord. -new autumn zodd mylotheaveragesniper.com/topic/555-compensation-requests-zodd With the warmest of regards, Onion
  10. OnionRingOfDoom

    Compensation Requests - 2Slow4U

    To 2slow4u, This may seem overdue. I understand that you are blue, accrued through doom and gloom. I see you and a few of your crew (I'm unsure who), have lost a car you wanted to get into that potentially grew legs or flew, but we haven't a clue. Perhaps next time consider a canoe or using glue. As you're new with your debut post; please don't screw, but without a video to chew, I can't tell whats untrue or true. So in lieu, your request will be withdrew. Please rejoin the server queue and rendezvous with your crew. Won't take long to redo it and get your loot. Till then I bid you adieu until our next interview. Regards, Onion
  11. OnionRingOfDoom

    Compensation Requests - captainkornblunt

    Dearest CaptainKornBlunt, Not to amorce, but with great remorse I am forced to diverse the course of this report. Without evidence or a source it becomes coarse to enforce. In future, try GEForce or other outsource. With regards, The MTAS TaskForce P.S: Horse.
  12. OnionRingOfDoom

    Compensation Requests - Daryl

  13. OnionRingOfDoom

    Angel Arms Glitch

    Don't you just hate it when you wake up one morning and your arms have turned into spaghetti. Very much mimicking the featherless wings of an angel. 1: Go into steam library -> right click dayz -> properties -> verify integrity of game files. 2: Delete your DayZ folder in your documents on your computer then restart your computer and come back to server. The bug is stored in your character data locally and needs to be removed and rebuilt when joining back in. 
  14. OnionRingOfDoom

    Report A Player - danmcman

    Hi Dan, Thank you for this. I will look into this today for you. Regards, Onion ❤️ Edit: Resolved
  15. OnionRingOfDoom

    Discord server messages

    Hi Tych, That is a good idea. However one that is already implemented on the front page of the website. Also, there are plenty of warnings in-game about restarts etc. Also, when joining through DZSALauncher you can see server status there also. I believe having one on discord could slightly be a little much overkill. Unless you can think of any other benefits for it? Regards Onion ❤️