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  1. Mr.tych

    Discord server messages

    Yeah you're right, I forgot about the server status widget on the forums.
  2. Mr.tych

    Report A Player - Mr.tych

    Neither of us hit the 2nd guy. Is there no other way?
  3. Mr.tych

    Report A Player - Mr.tych

    In-game Name Mrtych Name of the player(s) you are reporting Date of the event 07/15/2019 Time of the event 23:35-23:51 Which platform did this event take place on MTAS Autumn Who was involved in this event? Mr.tych#5596, Icelandic_Fox#2064 and the 2 enemies Please provide any available details regarding the event 2 lads were on one of the industrial buildings, after them peaking fox, I killed one, after this the 2nd guy didnt peak anymore and fox was sitting underneath the ladder so the guy couldnt escape. Then we see smokes, and I see the guy looting his friend, afterwards I pushed up to fox, after taunting and listening, we thought fuck it, climbed up and there was noone left there. Please add any available evidence
  4. Mr.tych

    Discord server messages

    So I was thinking, maybe there could be a way, where you make an extra channel in discord called like: "Server status" or something, In this channel server restarts will be announced for example: "Server Autumn is going down for a scheduled restart in 5 minutes." And I don't know if this is possible but maybe you could make it so that when the server crashes an announcement with: "Server Autumn just went down for unkown reasons, we are looking into it." This way people won't have to guess what's going on and people wil know what is going on with every server.
  5. Mr.tych

    Ex-Military's in Cherno

    Ah, well I woulda closed this threat sooner but I dont think I can do so myself, U can close it.
  6. Mr.tych

    Ex-Military's in Cherno

    reply what tho?
  7. Mr.tych

    Dead body despawn time and map.

    This is what I meant with my long ass story xD!
  8. Mr.tych

    Dead body despawn time and map.

    So the body despawn time is really weird, and tbh I think it might be on a set timer. I got into a 2v1, where I killed the first, and then it took 5 minutes till I killed the 2nd. After killing the 2nd guy, I went to loot the guy I killed first, his body was there, i looted it, no worries. After looting that guy, I went to the 2nd guys body, to find it being despawned and all that was left was his gun. Then when I went back to the first guy, his body despawned aswell. So my theory is, all dead bodies, dissapear on a standard timer, for example at 2:15, 2:30, 2:45, 3:00 etc etc. is when all dead bodies dissapear. As for the edited map, no clue mate, maybe google knows
  9. Mr.tych

    A mod that'll help everyone out.. I think.

    That, to me, sounds like a bad idea. We previously had a post to add food and drinks on spawn-kit, which wasn't the brighest either, and most arguments against, were; "Don't get food in spawn-kits because people would be able to run back up to theyre body during combat, retrieve their gear and rejoin the fight."This makes that even easier, as you don't even have to race the clock till ur body despawns. Instead ur loot stays for ever. Making it even less of pain in the ass to die. And thats what dying is supossed to be: A pain in the ass!
  10. Mr.tych

    Tych's Introduction

    G'day lads, my name is Tych, or Tycho. I'm 19 years old and live in The Netherlands. I Started playing dayz way back from the start, I really got into it at .62 and on. I know lots about dayz, and I'm learning more and more about this lovely community, questions? Do ask, I might be able to help! Cya in Chernarus 😉.
  11. Mr.tych

    Remove the vssk

    Whats the VSS got to do with this? xD
  12. Mr.tych

    Remove the vssk

    Why not nerf it is because, nerfing is something for the mod creator to do, plus nerfing is way harder then removing/replacing. Good suggestion but, we'd have to bring this post to the mod creator.
  13. Mr.tych

    Remove the vssk

    Good day fellow dayz standalone fans, Just now a friend and I got colleteraled at nwaf, from 400 metres, through a k3 and a tactical helmet. This has had to be the vssk as it was a supressed shot, see clip Now I don't want to be a nagg, but in what world has dayz turned into a game where this is possible? There should not be a gun like this, which bullets travel at light speed, and which is supressed. Reply and vote; 1. Remove the gun and make dayzSA great again. or 2. Keep it and get one tapped and colleteraled all the time. Do reply and let the Community's staff know your opinion
  14. Mr.tych

    New kit when spawned in fresh

    I mean, I kind of disagree as you would make it way too easy for someone to run straight back up to their corpse after dying. This kind of defeats the purpose of fighting a squad for example as this may take like 30 minutes for a fight, and if the first body drops in the first few minutes, and you respawn with that much food and drinks, you can run back up and support your friend in a fight you already died in.
  15. Your In-Game Name Tych Your Discord Name Mr.tych#5596 Date of the event 06/23/2019 Time of the event 2am Which server did the event take place on Server 1 Explain what happend Sold 2 weapons, didnt receive money Why do you feel that you deserve compensation for this incident? Because it was not because of a server restart or lagg or anything, i just didnt get my money Does the incident involve gear, vehicles or both? 0 Estimated value of lost items 1900 Provide an list of everything you lost? M110 CSASS, M4-A1 Provide video evidence to support your claim Extra infomation