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  1. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Daveske's Introduction

    Welcome to the server, best of luck mate
  2. MyloTheAverageSniper


    Hello mate, There's a Microphone button in the top right of the website which links you to the discord. Alteratively you can click here.
  3. MyloTheAverageSniper

    In-game group mod/plugin

    As a community we have voted against using mods like this as of how much they ruin immersion. They also make running in huge groups easy and give people running solo a huge disadvantage.
  4. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Party Me mod

    As a community we have decided against the use of mods like PartyMe as they ruin immersion and make running in teams super easy and give lone players a massive disadvantage.
  5. MyloTheAverageSniper

    About the pkp pecheneg

    Yes, upon closer inspection of this gun the price needs to be increased.
  6. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Bullet stacks

    We used to have this mod on all MTAS servers but as most calibres were modded this mod made no difference to them and players saw the mod useless, I will look into reinstating it on the servers
  7. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Removing the "Helper" status in discord

    Helpers as of 30/06/2019 have been removed
  8. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Global Chat

    As a community we have decided against the use of a global chat in the DayZ server as it break immersion and would be too toxic and horrible to moderate
  9. MyloTheAverageSniper

    New trader Idea

    Having a trader that could move / would update per restarts is currently impossible but I will look into it for now
  10. MyloTheAverageSniper

    A list of mods that would be nice to have

    Alot of the mods you have suggested either no longer work or have been on the server and were not liked by the player base. I will keep an eye on them for the minute
  11. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Some sort of identification on player

    Having names above players online inside trader would be a great addition, I will look into finding a way to do it
  12. MyloTheAverageSniper


    As of 1.04 this mod is very broken and will not be on the server
  13. MyloTheAverageSniper

    My friends character model glitched and it was hilarious

  14. MyloTheAverageSniper

    In game problem

    Hello, This is a common bug with 1.04... Here is how to fix it:
  15. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Winter Server

    All servers are back online, sadly the winter map has not been updated yet... Still waiting on an update 🙃