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  1. MyloTheAverageSniper

    The Best Outfit Challenge

  2. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Black Market Update and more threats!

    Hello everyone, Today I have another change log for you all. This one is going to somewhat expand on the last one, so if you have not read the last one, you can find it below. More Mutants... With this update comes another terrifying threat... A Snort is one of the most recognisably human mutants in Chernarus. Thought to result from broken-minded soldiers left to 'guard' the infection zone, Snorks are recognisable by the loud grunting they continuously produce. On the downside, the Snork has poor eyesight as his vision is obstructed by the cracked GP5 gas mask view windows over his eyes, but he has a brilliant sense of smell as his nose is sensing through the filter hose of the gas mask, he uses this to precisely locate his prey. On some occasions, Snorks have been seen communicating to one another, although the language they use is broken and barely recognisable. Along side this, multiple new variants of slightly stronger zombies have been added, alongside a white Ecologist Scientist Zombie. Black Market Updates With this update comes a large and game changing update to the black market, along side the introduction of Sakharov the Scientist paying good money for the Snork parts left behind after if you manage to kill one. The Forester in the black market now sells incredibly good gear, but at a high price. He sells items such as VSSK's, M82's Juggernaut Vests, HeavyPlateCarriers and the ingredients to made your own home made or military C4's. Just keep in mind, the trader has no safezone and anyone could be watching... New Clothing Mods WindstridesClothingPack has been added to the server, this adds some really different cool clothing to the server, it is not in the server yet, but will be very soon More information on the mod here: Additional Updates More missing items have been added to traders More missing items have been added to the loot table More food has been added into the loot pool Close Anywhere has been added Vehicle Persistence has been fixed
  3. MyloTheAverageSniper


    Hello everyone, Finally after alot of work we are releasing a new server! This server will be on the Deer Isle map. You can find this server on the address: Below are some screenshots of the Deer Isle map
  4. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Deer Isle Server Goes live

    Hello everyone, Today the 3rd MTAS Server goes live! Deer Isle launches today on the address
  5. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Black Market and new threats!

    Hello everyone, 1.05 has just dropped, with this comes another update for the server. Everything has been wiped and everyone will start fresh, all the 1.05 changes are live on the servers and ready to go. Below is a changelog of everything that has changed. Priority Queuing Priority Queuing is now available! This means admins and a few people from the community can skip the boring-ass queues when joining the server. To get your priority slot and skip the queue go here New Beasts With this new update comes a new threat... Known as mutants, multiple new beasts have entered Chernarus and are something to fear... All of these mutants are incredibly strong due to their radiation poisoning and mutations Blood Sucker Bloodsuckers are a type of rare mutant usually found around military zones, often in the quietest corners. They seem vaguely humanoid, with a hunched stance and height similar to that of an average person. Their eyes are lambent and their mouths are surrounded by serveral powerful tentacles used for feeding on the blood of their victims. They are incredibly strong and very resistant to bullets and explosions. They come in multiple variations knows as the blood, dark, speed and the most feared, the invisible bloodsucker which is only visible in bright lights and can strike a whole squad down before being seen, you will hear them, but you might not see them before it's too late. Controller Controllers are another type of rare mutant usually found around military zones. They seem vaguely humanoid, with a large stance and a substantial weight. They stand with a hunched stance and height similar to that of an average person. They are heavier and slower than a normal zombie but are much stronger and far more resistant to damage. They also posses the ability to produce ear piercing psychotic screaming powerful enough to drop the strongest man to his knees. Scientist Zombies During the early stages of the outbreak leading scientists from around the world came to test and investigate for themselves, this soon turned bad when the virus spread to uncontrollable levels and many of the scientists and military involved where infected. The zombie scientists where infected early on during the outbreak giving them time to develop and mutate into unimaginable beasts. The scientists are incredibly strong and fast, they possess no special abilities besides their strength and resistance to damage. It is unknown if the scientists still maintain sentience or not as you can audibly hear their discomfort and pain but they are unable to stop themselves. Black Market Trader With the introduction of these new dangers we have added a new trader. The black market trader is the best trader in the game, dealing only in the most expensive and best items in the game Here you can find Sakharov the Scientist, who will buy biological and medical items received from killing the new beasts and he pays a fair price for them. Alongside this you will find Forester who deals only in the best items in the game, such as VSSK's and Juggernaut vests, paying a fair price for them but also allowing you to buy them off of him for a decent amount of money. Keep in mind, this Trader is going to be very populated and has no safezone at all, so take care when approaching as any moment may be your last. New Items With this update comes alot of new items, with new scopes and items Below are some screenshots of the most interesting items Additional Updates 1.05 Items have been added to the spawn table and traders Increased water and food on the coast Implemented more missing items to the traders Base Furniture has been re-added Balota airdrop can no longer get stuck on top of the rocks Added more missing items to the loot pool Base Furniture mods have returned
  6. MyloTheAverageSniper

    New breachcharge change

    The idea of the breach charges being in airdrops is to force players to airdrops so they clash and forces PVP around the map We will keep this idea in mind, but for now it is not something we are working on
  7. MyloTheAverageSniper

    NoDOF and compass gui mods

    We feel like in the servers current state neither of these mods add enough to be justified although they may in the future
  8. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Party Group

    As a community we have voted against a mod like PartyMe as it just makes rolling in massive groups even easier and being alone impossible PartyMe is something we are not looking at installing right now
  9. MyloTheAverageSniper

    New Military Base & Trader Menu!

    STARY YAR MILITARY BASE In attempt to bring players around the map more and spead the good loot around we have created a new Military Base! Not to be confused with Stary Sobor, the new Stary Yar Military base is a Tier 3/4 Military base with: Over 20 tents Over 10 Barracks Over 10 Misc Military Buildings And much much more View photos of the Military and the map location below New Trader Menu With this update comes a new trader menu layout. This new layout shows the weapons in a bigger window and makes use of the space better. Additional Updates More modded clothing has been added to the loot spawn pool More guns have been added to the Military Tier 1 spawns More missing items have been added to the Trader
  10. MyloTheAverageSniper

    More Function Mods and New NEAF!

    Hello everyone,This is yet another content update for the server where we bring new places and new mods the the server for you enjoyment! If you missed the last change log you can find it here: New Funtion Mods In order to make the game more fun and to work around some issues and problem the community face we have introduced 2 new mods Close Anywhere The close anywhere mod is a simple mod that allows gates to be opened, closed and unlocked in any position from any part of the gate not just the lock. Meaning that you will no longer have to fumble about trying to find where to open a gate / getting pissed off when you can't access the right part of your gate to open or close it. Base Building Logs Due to the increase of people illegally breaking and glitching into bases we have resorted to installing a new log system for base building. This means admins will have full access to logs of placing, removing, destroying and using most items in the game, the players ingame name, steam accounts and steamID. This will not effect players in anyway unless they have been illegally raided or have illegally raided someone. New Krasnostav Airstrip Not so long ago NEAF was remade and rebuilt from the ground up due to the boring flat nature of the vanilla NEAF... But since then, I took a look at it again and it just didn't quite look right still. So... INTRODUCING THE NEW NEW NEAF! Additional Updates Price of armour and helmets has been increased alongside ghillies to combat all the super heroes running around full jugg-mode The server is now night for 60 IRL minutes instead of 90 minutes due to user requests Ammo cans now spawn in military zones with different chances of rare ammo boxes As per usual, all updates are WIP and we are open to suggestions here
  11. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Amount of quality high tier loot

    We are constantly working on balancing the server and making the loot spawns and trader prices right. Just recently alot of the armour, helmets and ghillies have has a massive increase of price of 200% - 1200% We will continue to work on this until the community is happy
  12. MyloTheAverageSniper

    How to fish now?

    Simple answer, you don't Fishing seems to be causing some server crashes. So for now, we have removed it.
  13. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Reg introduction

    Glad to see you here you nutty old geezer
  14. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Discord Bot for Server Crashes

    This is a good idea, I will get @ApexNetwork to look in to it I have a few plans on how this could be done...
  15. MyloTheAverageSniper


    When a planned server restart is about to happen you will have a countdown in the chat along the lines of... Server will restart in x Minutes... log out now Sometimes, the server just crashes and auto restarts. This happened alot recently and we have fixed most of the issues causing this