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  1. Ghost

    Not suted for beginners

    The biggest tip i can give You actually is to think like your enemy. Lets say u're in a treeline with few bushes, between u ' ur enemy is like 300 m, open field, he have a treeline aswell, if u back up. they will push You for sure lets say. U need to think in the same way i made this image for You to understand, every single thing in this game depends on your enemy movements. Before You get better u need to try a shit tone of diffrent tactics / die multiple times until u find Your playstyle. Red: Enemy Blue Circle: You Black: Running in eyes of enemy Purple: Enemy lost eyes on You Black/red dots: Potential spots of enemy / enemy with lost vision
  2. Ghost

    Helicopters (Beta)

    XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Typical comp when someone have a car
  3. OMG That is fucking hilarious, LMAO Thats the best thing. I have the same problem always LMAO
  4. Ghost

    Ghost Introduction

  5. Ghost

    Ghost Introduction

    I decided to write this post because you all have one. Height: 6'5 and that means HIGH AS F.... everything is so small for me except my peeennnieee lmao I joined the group of administrators because i know this game through and i want players who play honestly to know that everything on server is fine. I would like community to grow as big as possible. Because we all love our broken DayZ. P.S [1]: My life was boring so i made myself a son.
  6. Ghost

    Compensation Requests - Barley194

    Saw this action on trader & Refunded already