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  1. The issue with this is even when playing other games our admins still respond and complete tickets.
  2. Rickets

    File not found

    Is this still an issue?
  3. Rickets

    Compensation Requests - H3ROES

    Preferably an unedited video because we need to see if you transferred the money to your friend or not.
  4. Rickets

    Compensation Requests - H3ROES

    That video doesn't prove anything that you had in your inventory
  5. Rickets

    Compensation Requests - H3ROES

    What equipment did you get back from the bodies?
  6. Rickets

    Compensation Requests - H3ROES

    Both videos are still private.
  7. Rickets

    Compensation Requests - Sniperdailey313

    @Sniperdailey313 Failure to provide evidence will result in denial. You have 12 hours.
  8. Rickets

    würde priority

    Priority queue is a patreon feature.
  9. Rickets

    Hutner Introduction

    Welcome mate, me and my pals have bumped into you many a time...
  10. Rickets

    Rav's Intro

    Hahahaha buckled mate
  11. Rickets

    The House

  12. I love your roleplay you gave me today in the trader. 

  13. Rickets

    Jev’s Introduction

    Hello mate, welcome and enjoy!
  14. Rickets

    S.O.F | Special Operation Forces

    Clan closed DM a staff member to have it reopened. //closed
  15. Rickets

    Ninth Legion

    Clan closed DM a staff member to have it reopened. //closed