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  1. RisingHERO19

    Squad MSFC mod

    I do agree, but we need to find out what is appropriate for the servers. We want variety but we don't want a flood of random crap.
  2. RisingHERO19

    Add a little flavor in the chili!

    I think we could use a little bit of culture in the servers! 😄 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1683445850&searchtext= https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1750599030&searchtext=
  3. RisingHERO19

    Modded Building Supplies Issues

    Also could we have it so we can sell landmines in NATO like we can sell grenades and flashbangs? Obviously don't have it so we can buy them lol.
  4. RisingHERO19


    Press "M" and turn on Static Markers
  5. RisingHERO19

    New kit when spawned in fresh

    The only kit I believe in is for the winter server, due to the fact you die basically instantly without proper warmth. I would like to suggest not adding any type of sharp object because people can abuse the suicide feature to get a better spawn, but instead spawn with multiple heatpacks on the winter server.
  6. RisingHERO19

    Modded Building Supplies Issues

    Modded building supplies like storage and items are no longer able to be bought and sold. I have been told that the mods have been disabled but I have found plenty of the modded items around the map like the water barrel, MCF-C Case, Locker, and other storage items. Is this intended or was this forgotten about?
  7. RisingHERO19

    Prison Island (Role Play Event)

    InGame Name: RisingHERO19Discord Name: RisingHERO19#9272Preferred Role (Guard/Prisoner/TeamWatchdog): Prisoner, or Sex Slave 😉Who's your favorite admin: LiveMedi, Onion, Hydra, Callum Why is it Onion: lmao
  8. RisingHERO19

    Loot Spawns

    Loot is not spawning in specific areas of the map since the new update and server wipe like Tisy, all of the custom military bases and some others that I personally have no proof in that other people are talking about.
  9. RisingHERO19

    I've lost my character

    All characters and servers were wiped as of the new update last night.
  10. RisingHERO19

    Remove the vssk

    IDK almost the same gun lol, just figured there was a problem with all the versions of the VSS and VSSK.
  11. RisingHERO19

    Remove the vssk

    I said the VSS lol
  12. RisingHERO19

    Remove the vssk

    The VSS is base game tho... 😅
  13. RisingHERO19

    User Privileges

    I will continue to post things I notice cannot be seen or done as multiple types of users. 1. I have noticed that as a Guest User and anyone who isn't the owner of that account you are checking out that no one is able to see each other's "About Me" page.
  14. RisingHERO19

    Report A Player - Tsuiuc

    @OnionRingOfDoom Sorry about that didn't know that no one was allowed to comment here, and thanks for the information I thought the use of the box and backpack combo itself was bannable since it was never explained properly. ❤️
  15. RisingHERO19

    Are the Patreon/Donator roles that screwed?

    @ApexNetwork Cool cannot wait to see the new changes and incoming features. Also I don't know if i'm allowed to ask but is it going to be an issue with my timezone when my possible Trial Mod interview happens? I am in the US and it seems alot of the times whenever I ask for help either on Discord or on the forums everyone is usually asleep. I would hope that we could possibly schedule something just because I don't want to inconvenience you guys with my work and sleep schedule.