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  1. Your In-Game Name Zeo Your Discord Name ℘ Zeo ℘ #5343 Date of the event 08/01/2019 Time of the event 4:45am Which server did the event take place on MTAS Autumn Explain what happend I was driving my gunter and the server lagged which rubber banded the car back and into a pole ruining the car. Why do you feel that you deserve compensation for this incident? It was not my fault but a simple rubber band Does the incident involve gear, vehicles or both? Vehicles Estimated value of lost items 12000 Provide an list of everything you lost? 1x Gunter Provide video evidence to support your claim https://mylotheaveragesniper.com/uploads/monthly_2019_08/1174230829_carcrash.mp4.25b953539e222bfb25656d3b55d70d2b.mp4 Extra infomation This POV was from my buddy at the beginning of the clip you can see the car is frozewn in place for about a second this is when i got the rubber band
  2. Intro: We are the Stalkers Of Chernarus. We are friendly to those only who chose to make friends with us via discord or in any trader. If you happen to run across us in-game be prepared for a big gunfight. We mainly play on Server 2 and if you are interested in any alliances or perhaps joining us talk to Zeo, kaLib3r, or Muty. Members: Zeo kaLib3r Muty Cutty ghost jacob OweN TotoAfrika