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  1. JamieCH

    Compensation Requests - MATЬ

    Your compensation request has been denied. Without evidence, we can't provide any compensation as we have no proof you're telling the truth. We advise all MTAS members to use simple clipping software such as shadowplay to make these claims more supportable. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. JamieCH

    Report A Player - yellaju

    Listen, no offence to you or anyone else from regions that have been impacted by the events you have just mentioned but we try to stay out of politics like this. We have to remain unbiased in situations like this and therefore we can't actually take action on this. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. JamieCH

    Compensation Requests - Zurgash

    This compensation request has been accepted. The main reason being that it was unfair for the Admin to teleport, causing you to expose your position. Thank you for your compensation request. Please create a ticket and link this form in it.
  4. JamieCH

    Compensation Requests - Soviet Yoda

    Your compensation request has been denied. I don't really understand what point you're trying to make here mate. Are you saying because it isn't at a certain level of realism, you deserve compensation? On top of that, your supposed "evidence" is just a picture of the "You Are Dead" screen. Even if your claim was viable (which it isn't), that evidence wouldn't support it. As for the word of your friends, we can't use that as evidence due to their support towards you. They'd have a biased opinion because they're your friends. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. JamieCH

    Winter server

    The worst thing we could do is prioritise a server which has such a low player count with more player slots. It would be an extreme waste of money. Unfortunately, all stuff like this has a price so Mylo has to pick carefully what aspects of the server he is going to spend money on. Higher slot servers also seem to cause more problems with the vehicles in-game, meaning people would complain about this in tickets. Thank you for your suggestion though!
  6. JamieCH

    Compensation Requests - The Bishop

    After watching over the footage, I have determined that the gear you bought was bugged and did not end up in your inventory as it should've. As a result of this, the compensation request has been accepted. I will inform another administrator about this request and he will compensate you shortly. The compensation was fulfilled by: AKAHamez
  7. JamieCH

    Compensation Requests - The Bishop

    Just for future reference, here's the evidence footage that was linked in the ticket.
  8. JamieCH

    Report A Player - Panad

    Unfortunately we don't have access to that type of information on who might've taken your sight. Therefore, we can't ban anyone as a result of this. However, you are welcome to use the same footage in a compensation request if you choose to make one about the loss of the sight. It would most certainly get accepted as the footage clearly shows the other player taking the sight. I'm sorry I couldn't be of further help. Thank you for your report.
  9. JamieCH

    Compensation Requests - SpaceRabbit

    Sorry for such a long reply. I'd be happy to help you in your situation. I can understand your frustration due to what has happened and it's understandable why you would be annoyed. The frustration around it being an administration testing area goes both ways. For example, if we were to let people know this is where we test out new items and consumables etc, people would start converging on that location in an attempt to try and grab gear that administrators may have forgot to despawn. Honestly, it's a bit of a grey area for us. Personally, I would accept your compensation request because this is in no way your fault as you were completely unaware of what that area is used for and you had no context as to why there were even players up there. I'm not at home at the moment unfortunately as I'm away but I'd be happy to give you the estimated value of the lost items when I get back for your troubles. I'm going to put this compensation request as accepted as given the circumstances, I believe it's only fair. Thank you for your patience.
  10. JamieCH

    Compensation Requests - Chri5tophernicol

    Compensation request accepted. An admin should be with you shortly.
  11. JamieCH

    Spawning in with a knife

    This actually used to be the case, I'm not too sure why it's been changed but the implementation of spawning in with a knife makes sense. I'll try and talk to one of the community managers about this. Great suggestion!
  12. JamieCH

    Compensation Requests - Tony Two Taps

    Compensation request denied. Reason: Unfortunately, the screenshot does not provide enough evidence as to what actually happens and unfortunately, isn't substantial enough to help get you compensation. In the future, please take this disclaimer below into consideration. Thank you! In-game items lost due to glitches or bugs can only be replaced with video proof of loosing them, this does not mean a screenshot of what you lost will be counted. The video needs to show you loosing the items.
  13. JamieCH

    Compensation Requests - MrMercy

    Your compensation request has been accepted. An admin will be with you shortly.