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  1. CallumM

    Adding Weapons and gear from Game Files into Game.

    Thats not really how it works. You would still need a mod that would implement the guns into the game. Most of which has been done by other mod packs.
  2. CallumM

    Internal Affairs - yellaju

    The only people who are able to add items like rocks in permanently are @MyloTheAverageSniper , @ApexNetwork and myself. I know it wasnt me so I will follow up them when these rocks were added. How do you know this was rickets btw? I need to narrow down which admins were involved.
  3. Closed - Duplicate ticket
  4. CallumM

    Internal Affairs - yellaju

    If those kind of rocks get spawned in they disappear after restart. I believe the area you have screenshoted is our cave which has been a map feature for a few months now.
  5. CallumM

    Internal Affairs - Phantom

    I also need to know what exactly you are reporting them for.
  6. CallumM

    Internal Affairs - Phantom

    Can you post some timestamps?
  7. This is to do with issues in the mods I believe, the classnames are overriding each other. This is down to the mod author who I imagine will release a fix soon.
  8. CallumM

    [MOD] PartyMe

    This mod is not stable at the moment, it would likely cause mass server crashes and therefore will not be added in its current state.
  9. CallumM

    Can't Connect

    Make sure you are not masking your IP Address when trying to join the server. Turn off any VPNs and try again.
  10. CallumM

    How to report an admin

    REPORT A PLAYER Last updated: 08/07/2019 by CallumM Admins are here to improve your server experience. Therefore we have an expensive selection process to ensure that no bad apples get through. However, people make mistakes, it's human nature. If you feel like you were involved in a situation where an admin abused their powers then you can make a report. We know it can be chaotic at times and we have done our very best to keep the server clean. Always try and contact the admin involved to try and sort it out before hand, however never let the situation escalate and always make a report form so senior staff can investigate. REPORTS WILL NOT BE REVIEWED IF THE REPORTED INCIDENT IS OLDER THAN 1 WEEK Patience We are a very big community and there always something going on, so don't expect your reports to be dealt with instantly. It may take a few days before your reports will be reviewed and accepted/denied. Please respect that we do our very best as fast as possible, so please don't spam any Senior Staff about doing your report or bump the thread itself. Admin Reports are taken a lot more seriously than any other report so we require a lot more time to investigate. Senior Staff team & the final say Please respect that the staff team have the final say in the case and you have to accept whatever result they come up with. Failing to accept the staffs final say and bothering him with it can result in a ban. We're here do help everyone and do our best, but we're not your servants. Evidence The only way that we can be sure that your claims are true is by you providing us the needed evidence to support your case. Evidence is a must and we will have to deny all reports with no sufficient evidence provided. There is also a few rules regarding what's considered valid evidence and not. These are the requirements for video evidence: Minimal length of 5 minutes (This can be shorter when the evidence is clear enough). Audio has to be working, do not cut out Teamspeak. discord or in-game sound. Quality has to be decent enough to read names in the chat. Is not edited unless specifically requested by a staff member. Has to prove that abuse exists and give us some idea of the time it occurred These are the requirements for screenshot evidence: High quality screenshot. Is not edited what so ever. Has to add value in regards to the report. Please note you may be required to give extra information later on in the report process. Mature Please stay mature in your report, we do not accept any kind of foul language in your report. We expect you to show respect and don't write anything you shouldn't in the report. Your post simply has to be clear and not offend anyone in any way. If the report is sufficient, the reported player will be dealt with, so no need to go personal. Reporting Senior Staff If your report is against senior staff you can still post the report here, it will be judged by the staff not involved. Report an Admin
  11. CallumM

    Remove the vssk

    Denied - The VSSK is balanced right now by its spawn rate. Its kinda meant to be an OP weapon, sort of like the Gauss Rifle from Namalsk. There is no plans right now to remove it.
  12. CallumM

    Report A Player - Tsuiuc

    @Tsuiuc Can you show me the time stamp of the video, a screenshot of the properties of the file would be great
  13. CallumM

    Are the Patreon/Donator roles that screwed?

    @RisingHERO19 Im not sure what you are asking, but the issue is with the Donator perks not having their permissions set out right. We made the Report section before the Donator roles and forgot to go back and add the donator perks to the permissions list.
  14. CallumM

    Report A Player - Tsuiuc

    Using the video I will be able to workout the exact time he logged out and ban him, when you have the video working, add me as a friend on discord and I will assist you in PM 🙂
  15. CallumM

    NA Server

    "Switching it up to NA Region" is not as easy as it sounds, we run all 3 servers off of 1 dedicated host based in the UK, expanding to NA region is not currently on the cards but is not something we are ruling out entirely. We are currently working on a new server layout which will come into play either at the release of 1.04 or the release of the DayZ Expansion mod.