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  1. PixelStretch

    Xeno's Introduction

    Hope to see you soon mate! Welcome!
  2. Wanbread starts handcuffing you!
  3. PixelStretch

    LaizoDK Introduction

    Welcome to the MTAS Server! Let us know if you need anything! Questions can be asked either through help on the forums, or in the Discord!
  4. PixelStretch

    New Forum Ideas!

    Let's Discuss Ideas for the new Forums: General Chat! I'll dish you a few ideas, and I want to hear yours too! First off: Structure. General Chat needs to have different areas for different purposes. We can have a subtopic for Mylo's YouTube channel, one for the DayZ server, and one for general DayZ discussion. There can be subtopics for any slew of different areas of interest such as: PC Building, Streaming, Recording Videos. Tips for people who make GFX out of DayZ screenshots, tips for people who make Logos/Covers/Backgrounds. Basically two main categories of "On Topic" and "Off Topic." Things concerning Mylo and the server? "On Topic" Things that are goofy, fun or entertainment? "Off Topic" Let me know what you guys think, as well as critiques or criticisms of my ideas. I think the best way to ensure activity on a forum, is to start a conversation! See you around and as always- "Happy Surviving." -PixelStretch
  5. PixelStretch

    Color abuse

    Very nice pics! Keep doing what you're doing!
  6. PixelStretch

    First video recorded on the server!

    This hurt 😕
  7. PixelStretch

    The Knights Clan

    Welcome to The Knights' Clan Page! Introduction: We are The Knights, a skilled group of people focused on protecting the good, and eradicating the bad. We accomplish our goals through teamwork and friendliness; however if met with resistance from those who would take advantage of the weak and innocent, we must resort to the means of War. Requirements to Join: The Knights are an exclusive group; for we don't wish to become a large, unstable mass. Our goal is to be small, efficient and well rounded. The Knights require reliable people who will answer the call. -Be over the age of 16 -Have a minimum of 50 hours in DayZ -Fluent in English -Fill out our Application (https://goo.gl/forms/AprzlVkPQS1XSiwj1) Leadership: Master Commander: Pixel Knight Commander: TMO Knight Lieutenant: Eskimo Knights: ChickenLittle Happy2x Pandaaz All Applications will be Accepted, Denied or Place on Hold. Please be patient while your application is pending. Thank You.
  8. PixelStretch

    DayZ Art

    Beautiful mate! Love the work as always.
  9. PixelStretch

    Henson Introduction

    Welcome mate! Glad to have you.
  10. PixelStretch

    PixelStretch Introduction!

    Thanks man! Let me know if you need anything!
  11. PixelStretch

    PixelStretch Introduction!

    Hey Everybody! My name is Pixel, but you can call me... Pixel! I've been watching Mylo for awhile and playing DayZ a bit longer! I truly got into the scene a bit late but have been watching DayZ for quite awhile. I began The Knights clan the first of January, 2019. I've gotten to know a few of you through there! Check out our (future?) page on the Forums! I began Streaming on Twitch on December 1, 2018 and I'm super happy with everything that has happened since. If you wish to get to know me a bit better just comment down below! Sincerely, Pixel