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  1. PogChampion

    Ghost Introduction

    6 zloty for baby?
  2. PogChampion

    Compensation Requests - MrJeges

    Request denied - Insufficient evidence.
  3. PogChampion

    Compensation Requests - LiMiT

    Request Denied - Insufficient evidence.
  4. PogChampion

    Compensation Requests - VinxteR

    Hello VintxteR, From looking at your evidence, i see no server error/ bug that caused this to happen. One of two things happened, you crashed into an object that is in the road, or your car simply glitched out when the server was over 60 players. We do not hand out compensation for players who experience difficulty with cars when the server has a high player count, it is a known issue across DayZ and you take your own risks driving the car. Regardless of this, the car isn't glitching around, you either crashed or got shot. Request denied.
  5. Send me a message 🙂
  6. Please make more, i'm sure many of us would love to see an MTAS server mini-series 🙂 If you need help with anything let me know!
  7. PogChampion


    That is hilarious 😂
  8. Wow! really good video, thank you for taking the time to play on our servers 🙂 (liked and subbed 😉 )
  9. PogChampion

    Admin Abuse. S2

    Hello again Isaac, sorry that this whole thing has been an inconvenience to you. Please understand my train of thoughts here as your friend couldn't. You have provided 3 videos, the first video you provided is 22 seconds long, the second video is 40 seconds long. For a fair and unbiased investigation to be conducted into this we need more context of the situation, we only have your word for that the admin punished you for using in game mechanics. Your word is not just / sufficient enough evidence for action to be taken. We are not saying that the admins actions here were justified/perfect, in the sense that there was such a huge time gap between punishments, but we cannot take any further action until both you have provided sufficient evidence / the other admin has made a statement. There are 2 sides to this story i'm sure, but only providing video footage of the actions being taken (after the 'incident' occurred) does not give unbiased / honest / clear view of the situation.
  10. PogChampion

    The House

    Accepted! - Please PM me the discord usernames of all the people in your group (example: @aaa#2222), we look forward to seeing your clan in our community 🙂
  11. PogChampion

    Admin Abuse. S2

    Do you not understand that for us to fully understand the situation we need more context? yes you were punished, but there is no context behind it. Last warning before this topic gets closed, re-read my messages while level-headed and understand we are trying to come at this from a neutral perspective
  12. PogChampion

    Admin Abuse. S2

    No, it is only showing you throwing up and your gear being stripped. You could have killed someone in the 400m safezone, and this was how you were being punished. I am simply stating that i would like more information, i'm asking if anything else happened that could have led to this. There is also no video of you making an offence, please keep everything civil without getting hostile or this will just be closed.
  13. PogChampion

    Admin Abuse. S2

    Hello Isaac, this is very interesting. I would ask that you please share the entire side of the story, i find it hard to believe another admin made you puke for using ingame mechanics towards other players. Please be honest in these reports, they are taken very seriously.
  14. PogChampion

    [WGS] White Glove Society 2.0

    The most infamous group on the server. 🦍
  15. PogChampion

    athugger's Introduction

    My boy Athugger ❤️