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  1. Your In-Game Name Phial Your Discord Name Phial#8645 Date of the event 09/09/2019 Time of the event 10:20pm Which server did the event take place on MTAS Autumn Explain what happend The server restarted and the black jug vest I had in my large tactical belt, that I had used with no issue since the most recent update, had just disappeared along with the large plate carrier pouches and tactical buttpack attached to it Why do you feel that you deserve compensation for this incident? I do not feel as if a server restart should just delete my gear Does the incident involve gear, vehicles or both? Gear Estimated value of lost items 46000 Provide an list of everything you lost? black Jugvest, black tactical buttpack, black large plate carrier pouches Provide video evidence to support your claim Extra infomation I dont have vod evidence however I'm playing with someone who records.