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  1. ApexNetwork

    Compensation Requests - Crocodoc

    @Crocodoc, I've looked through our server logs and remote logs and all I can find at 12:31 is your connection to our server: 12:31:40 | Player "Crocodoc" is connected And nothing after that. Are you sure you got the times right?
  2. ApexNetwork

    Staff Meeting

    Staff meeting confirmed for Sunday 9PM | 25/08/2019 if you can't make it let any senior staff+ know.
  3. The admin has been removed from his position immediately, he was on his last warning already and after confirming your teams claims via the admin logs, senior staff had a meeting and all agreed he was not fit for his position on our team. Closed.
  4. This report has been placed on HOLD and is now under review from the Senior Staff Team.
  5. ApexNetwork

    Being followed from trader and killed

    You can read all the server rules here: https://mylotheaveragesniper.com/rules.html Trader Rules It is recommended that all players use the Static Markers option available within their in-game Map Interface for a live visual aid for distance to Traders. 1.1 | Building of any type, including placement of storage items to be used as ‘stashes’, gardens and plants, is prohibited within 700m of any Trader. (24hr Ban) 1.2 | When leaving or entering any Trader area you may not engage or otherwise attack any player until you are beyond a 600m radius of the Trader.(48hr Ban & Strip) 1.3 |You may not engage with or otherwise attack any player that is themselves within 600m radius of any Trader. (48hr Ban & Strip) 1.4 | It is against server ruling to ask, tempt, or otherwise convince any player to leave a Trader Area with the intention of engaging or attacking them. (48hr Ban & Strip) 1.5 | At all times remain conscious and aware of the effects your actions have on the frame rate of highly populated areas. For example; do not spam sources of particle effects such as lights and fires. (12hr Ban) 1.6 | Do not leave items or vehicles unattended within the confines of a Trader. (Item Deletion) 1.7 | Taking anything that does not belong to you or scamming someone during a trade within the confines of a Trader, is forbidden, even as a ‘joke’. (24hr Ban & Strip)
  6. ApexNetwork

    KILLED 130m from nato trader

    Post a compensation request mate:
  7. ApexNetwork

    Crazy weird things

    Try having a look at: https://mylotheaveragesniper.com/topic/526-angel-arms-glitch/
  8. ApexNetwork

    Staff Meeting

    Staff weekly meeting set for Sun, Aug 25, 2019, at 20:00
  9. ApexNetwork

    Staff Meeting

    Staff weekly meeting set for Sun, Aug 18, 2019, at 20:00.
  10. ApexNetwork

    "Like && Dislike" system in posts

    A development I am wanting to implement soon is a suggestion poll integrated on our website where our players can regularly vote for certain mods/updates to the server. I will keep you all updated.
  11. ApexNetwork

    TinyWeeNipples Intro

    Welcome to MTAS! Hope you enjoy your stay mate. Make sure to read the rules 😎
  12. ApexNetwork

    Compensation Requests - MATЬ

    DayZ is buggy as hell, we all know that and these things can happen. Your report was denied due to a lack of evidence, we can't give away free things without anything to back it up, else everyone would abuse our compensation system. Next time please read my detailed post regarding compensation requests which can be found here: Closed and locked.
  13. ApexNetwork

    Report A Player - dKi_

    After checking the players login sessions I can see he did not combat log. Report Denied.
  14. ApexNetwork

    Report A Player - dKi_

    Hi @dKi_, I will look into this for you.
  15. ApexNetwork

    Daveske's Introduction

    Welcome to MTAS! Hope you enjoy your stay mate. Make sure to read the rules 😎