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    oh im having fun trust me guys πŸ˜„ and im aware of the rules πŸ™‚ dont worry!
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    Hello my comrades, We are a small group of highly experienced and trained players ! (That's why we are ALFA) Nevertheless, we are quite friendly and cooperative which means we basically can help with certain tasks e.g collecting bounties, protection etc. After a long run we go for a cold drink (Vodka) I may add that we prefer experienced players Members {KZIT} Pidaras (Marshal) {KZIT} Maxim (General) We execute tasks focused and of course silent. So watch your backs ! PS I am not a native english speaker so sorry for my language πŸ™‚ Live the COMMUNISM
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    Hello there fellow survivalist! I should start of by saying i'm a fairly new player (again) I've played Dayz before but didn't like the grind for nothing type a deal so i left back then. Until i came across the Mylo Youtube, i really like watching the content and started watching more of Dayz. I figured i would give Dayz another go, which i did. I'm liking it, i'm now only struggling with controls etc since it surely has been a while. Anyway, i'm a friendly citizen of Chernarus, unless you or anyone feels the need to change that. In case we come across, make sure to say hello and maybe we can slay some zombies together. πŸ˜› Seeya in Cherna!
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    Hey mate, welcome to the server and good luck!
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    Welcome buddy, hope you enjoy your time here!
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    Welcome to the community mate
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    Welcome to MTAS! Hope you enjoy your stay mate. Make sure to read the rules 😎
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    Good luck hunting brother!πŸ‘‹
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    Don't you just hate it when you wake up one morning and your arms have turned into spaghetti. Very much mimicking the featherless wings of an angel. FEAR NOT! I GOT YOU! Just chop the fuckers off. Now use your feet for daily tasks such as; drinking from a well, shooting bitches in the face, opening cans of tactical bacon, abusing admin powers etc. If that shit is still fucked and you continue to look like a monster from a Japanese porno; 1: Go into steam library -> right click dayz -> properties -> verify integrity of game files. 2: Delete your DayZ folder in documents on your computer then restart your computer and come back to server. The bug is stored in your character data locally and needs to be removed and rebuilt when joining back in. ο»Ώ Congratulations, you are now able to play MTAS!... Don't know why you'd want to but each to their own... Best regards, Lord Onion
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    Hey guys, Loot that spawns in safe zones need to be removed. A vast majority of users take advantage of this loot then cycles it for easy rubles & buying of easy gear. People need to leave the safe zone and actually loot & fight for their loot. I'm assuming this is the same for both Winter & Autumn servers too? Example below: Your thoughts on this please? JudgeDoom
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    Gravecross mod should be implemented into the server, Since all the spawns are on the coast, and it's nearly impossible to have enough time to run back to your body especially when your 11-12km depending on which spawn you spawn at, since the de-spawn time of bodies on the server are like 5mins? With the mod "Gravecross", when you die, it puts all of your loot into a tombstone and doesn't despawn, and the only thing that'll despawn is the body. Just thought this would be a nice addition to the server as like i said, the body despawn time on the server is 5mins.
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    Your compensation request had been denied, the weapon in question which disappeared according to this claim cannot be seen as you are showing your friend's point of view. Please can I advise that you run Shadowplay or some similar software which will help you record anything like this in the future and then you will be able to be compensated then. Locked and moved.
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    Your compensation request has been denied. Without evidence, we can't provide any compensation as we have no proof you're telling the truth. We advise all MTAS members to use simple clipping software such as shadowplay to make these claims more supportable. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Hi Tych, That is a good idea. However one that is already implemented on the front page of the website. Also, there are plenty of warnings in-game about restarts etc. Also, when joining through DZSALauncher you can see server status there also. I believe having one on discord could slightly be a little much overkill. Unless you can think of any other benefits for it? Regards Onion ❀️
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    Happy hunting chief
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    Is your enter key broken? Welkom!