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    Repeater Why would it fit: It is an old style gun with a lot of character from the old days of DayZ. I loved it it was pretty punchy and a satisfying noise. It used to be in dayz why not again for old times sake. Why I like it: Cowboy reasons, Old classic, memories, The beautiful sound of the lever action, unique lever action (no other gun has it). Works perfectly with a stetson. Lastly .... Cowboys Yeehaw
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    Hello everyone, We have decided to make our own weapon and item pack, exclusive for the MTAS Playground servers. So we are asking you, the community, for your ideas, suggestions and contribution to this. This is your chance to shape and change the way the MTAS Playground servers are. What we are asking for are suggestions on what to add that you think would fit and would love to see on the server. This can be weapons, attachments, clothing and stuff like that. To make a suggestions, just reply to this topic. You can, but don't have to, include: Pictures Information Why it would fit Why you like it All we ask is that you be smart and realistic, think about what would make sense and be reasonable with the possibility of it being doable within DayZ. Things like thermal vision doesn't exist in DayZ so it can't be done right now, guns like bullpups and revolvers don't work well due to the restrictions with animations currently so just be smart 🙂
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    Requirements: - 1500 Hours - Knowledge of the server - 18+ (Exceptions can be made). - Speak English fluently. - Active - Good knowledge on the rules. - Good Comms. Application Template: Name: Age: DayZ Hours (Screenshot): Reason for wanting to join: Previous Clans: Vouches: Roster
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    Just seen ya new avatar on our discord, very cool. I might need to commision one for myself 🙂
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    For someone driving a car or building base in glitchy location knowing when server restart is going to happen would reduce unnecessary admin requests or rage when you lose your life or equipment. This doesn't remove accidents during server crashes or random deaths but removing this one possible progress loss would reduce admins work and make players more prepared for restarts. There could be 30, 15, 10, 5 and 1 minute announcement.
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    Request Accepted - Please open a ticket to receive your compensation.
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    Easy choice, its https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jatimatic Most ugly piece of s.. u ever seen. Claymore would be nice also, prob pretty hard to make
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    I am SO excited to see all the new guns coming with this. Make sure you all tell Mylo our suggestions so we can make this the best mod for you guys ❀
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    For the past week we have been working on a donation tier based reward system, it will be ready soon 😄
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    I don't know if you've read my post yet about the Groza, but just in case i'll put the link up here again. I know, changing the Groza to this would mean editing on the mod or even making a new one, which isn't just something you can do in 1 day, but it'll add so much more versatility to the Groza and make it more usable and more liked by the players.
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    Maybe a kill feed on the website, that gets updated every hour or so? That way you can look up who killed who and maybe chat with them, without giving any unfair advantage ingame.
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    Our website has had a massive design change, permisisons have been fixed/amended, new donator perks, nodes have been moved and a lot more!
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    Nice to see another group being established. I'll sort out your discord stuff soon if you can PM me with all your current members discord tags, please đŸ™‚â€ïž
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    +1 Perhaps 5-10 minutes notice would be suitable.
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    We have discussed this mod a lot in the past and more recently and we have decided that we don't wish to implement this on our servers at this time. Thank you for taking the time to make the suggestion though, these are always appreciated 🙂
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    Thank you for your suggestion, I will put this to Mylo and see if anything can be done. This sounds like a mod change though so it wouldn't be something we could change instantly 🙂