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    Requirements: - 1500 Hours - Knowledge of the server - 18+ (Exceptions can be made). - Speak English fluently. - Active - Good knowledge on the rules. - Good Comms. Application Template: Name: Age: DayZ Hours (Screenshot): Reason for wanting to join: Previous Clans: Vouches: Roster
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    Our website has had a massive design change, permisisons have been fixed/amended, new donator perks, nodes have been moved and a lot more!
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    Hello everyone, As Halloween approaches we are getting more and more into the spooky-season! We have brought in all new Halloween cosmetic items in the clothing traders. Alongside this, there are Jack-O-Lanterns hidden around the map, they are worth 50k each and can be anywhere at all! To suit this, we are setting up a Halloween Photo contest. To enter, all you need to do is reply to this post with your spooky-screenshot. The rules are as follows: The photo must be your own The photo must be taken on the MTAS servers The photo must be an-in game screenshot. The photo can be edited or not. You may enter as many times as you want, but every entry must be a different photo. Only the person that posted the photo will get the rewards. The winner of the contest will win 100,000 Rubles and a free priority queue slot on all 3 of the MTAS Playground servers! Best of luck to everyone who enters! The contest will end on November 1st 2019
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    Maybe a kill feed on the website, that gets updated every hour or so? That way you can look up who killed who and maybe chat with them, without giving any unfair advantage ingame.
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    Yeaaaaaa baby! Are you feeling groovy baby? Hi I am DiscountAustinpowers, most people call me Will or Austin, I answer to both. I love making new friends and playing games in my spare time (when it is available to me). Father of 2 growing boys, and a gorgeous wife. If anyone needs anything or just someone to talk to, I am always open to conversation! Thanks again with much love, DiscountAustinPowers
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    Nice to see another group being established. I'll sort out your discord stuff soon if you can PM me with all your current members discord tags, please 🙂❤️
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    let's start Halloween with finding 2 pumpkins 🎃 for the event! and using them as props to look haunting 😈good look to everyone and may the spookiest one win! 👻
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    Brilliant idea! Good luck everyone!
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    Just seen ya new avatar on our discord, very cool. I might need to commision one for myself 🙂
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    For someone driving a car or building base in glitchy location knowing when server restart is going to happen would reduce unnecessary admin requests or rage when you lose your life or equipment. This doesn't remove accidents during server crashes or random deaths but removing this one possible progress loss would reduce admins work and make players more prepared for restarts. There could be 30, 15, 10, 5 and 1 minute announcement.
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    Since the loot on this map has been changed to a 9 tier system instead of the 4 tier we have on the other maps I have been going through all the items trying to make sure the appropriate items are spawning in the right quantities in the right places. It's going to take a few cycles to get the modded items I added last night to come into the loot pool. Below is the map I'm working to, at the moment 8/9 tier is the highest with 4/5 not far behind. I have kept the loot at 6/7 to a minimum because I am yet to look at what those areas need but it's going to be based more towards survival rather than gear if you're that far north. I have no experience in dealing with this number of tiers in a loot pool so it's going to take some time to get right. Thanks for all your help working with me on this, we'll fix it together! Please add your suggestions below and we can go through them all and make the looting and game experience better for everyone. If you can give me information and even a map screenshot would help a lot. Also, tell me what you think there is too much of or not enough of and what type of area it is you're in like military or town or construction etc Thanks again for all your patience and understanding on this ❤️
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    Welcome dude, I would've loved to help you out but I'm limited to my phone as I'm on a business trip. Hope you have a good time though. We do have a few videos around the discord and forums that might help you get a good idea on how to start.
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    Nice to meet you and welcome to the forums my dude, I hope we see you around in-game some time 🙂
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    Can I enter too? Spooky is kinda my thing xD
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    We have discussed this mod a lot in the past and more recently and we have decided that we don't wish to implement this on our servers at this time. Thank you for taking the time to make the suggestion though, these are always appreciated 🙂
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    We have tweaked the spawns of ammo and mags, we will keep an eye on this over the next few days and see what effect it has. 🙂
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