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How to join the server!

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How To Join The MTAS Playground Servers

Hello everyone,

If you're looking to join the MTAS DayZ Server you have found the right place.


1. To begin with you need to download this. 
(DZSALauncher is a program like the DayZ in-game browser apart from it automatically downloads and loads the right mods to join the server.)


2. Make sure you have Steam open and DayZ is running stable branch, then open DZSALauncher.


3. Once opened you can search for MTAS in the name filter.



4. Once you have found the server, hit the star icon to the left of the server name, then click the triangular play button on the right of the server name and hit play.


5. DZSALauncher will tell you there are required mods to join the server, hit the okay button and close DZSALauncher. The mods should now be downloading through Steam.

6. Once the mods finish downloading, repeat steps 2 - 4


If you having any issues joining the server make sure to join the community discord here and head to the #request-an-admin channel and an admin will be with you soon.

Alternatively, you can follow this video here.

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