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Suggestions Jikbar

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Hello there

I m plaing now about 2-3 weeks on your servers and i really enjoy it. Before i played years on Dystopia, Apex, Bluewaffle, hideout and 100 other Servers.

Some Suggestions which re in my opionion better for your servers:

- Re-Add BBP, remove this new shitty basebuilding system

- The amount of Tresors is too high. Its easy to buy 30-40 tresors in 1 week, but after 30 airdrops we looted we found only 2 c4 charges... so really unabalanced. like this u can can maybe get into enemy bases, but u cant raid all tresors.. Best is most probably to remove this Tresors and re-Add the Codelocks for Tents. Or Just increase the amount of c4 and make the Tresors more expansive and rare.

- Remove Vodnik crap Tank plz.. Its despawning after every Server Restart.. Its incredible loud, slow and shitty

- Olga-Cars despawning after 1-2 days every time, remove them

- Re-Add Dingo Cars, defently 1 of the best cars in Dayz

Thats all for the moment.

Greez GeneralJikbar

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