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Deerisle Convoy Event!

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Deerisle Convoy Event 06/28-2020


A convoy will be departing from a southern part of the map at 13:30PM GMT+1 (British Summer Time).

This convoy will travel along a pre-planned route along which players are free to ambush the convoy and steal what it's transporting.

After the mercenaries in chernarus had their convoy wiped out yesterday a new plan was put in place to source the contraband from Deerisle. A new group of mercenaries local to the island were hired and will transport 6 breachingcharges to a remote location on the island, where they will board a boat to travel far off the coast.

Your goal is to intercept their convoy before it can accomplish this.


You are not allowed to block any roads with vehicles or any objects that will disrupt the convoy.
You are also not allowed to intercept the convoy in the starting town of Pustoshka.


The convoy is transporting 6 breachingcharges.



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