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A "few" questions about the mods

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First off, I admit I am a total newbie when it comes to DayZ, so please bear with me. I started playing on the MTAS servers yesterday, (played about 7 hours) and have run across a few things I have questions about or would like some suggestions on.   (Please note that I fully realize you as the server admins are not the author's of the server's mods, and have no way to directly correct issues with them.)

1. I keep finding weapon scabbards (ex: engraved leather weapon scabbard) and I had to dig thru the limited info in the mod description pages on the Steam subscribed mod list to find which one I think it was added from. The issue is, I have no idea what it attaches to, but I think it is a plate carrier only? If so, I hope to find one soon, and if so, does the plate carrier replace your jacket/coat slot?

2. Had a few weapons bug out on me yesterday, they were being held on the back side of my right hand, with the left hand not touching the weapon at all, and sticking up at an angle to the upper left. The weapons became unusable, and no matter what I did (dropping etc) I could not get them fixed. I checked the net and could not find this bug. In addition, the scopes, mags, etc that I had added to them while they were usable were greyed out, with a circle/cross through them, and I could not remove or interact with them at all. This ended up with me having to simply discard several weapons outright after they became bugged. (yes the weapons were titled as being in good/pristine condition). If anyone could help me avoid/fix this it would be greatly appreciated. I assume the weapons were added via mods, but could not find which one.

3. I know and expect a steep learning curve considering I am diving into a fully modded server from the start, but would anyone be willing to give me some advice on what gear will give me the best carry/attachment options for each slot? 

4. Is it normal for ammunition to not naturally stack with others of the same type when picked up? I spent an enormous amount of time yesterday just doing inventory management, mostly re-stacking ammo. 

5. I found NO weapons that had magazines in them. I ran across about 20 guns total, and none had magazines. This lead me to carrying a lot of guns, and a lot of magazines, hoping to finally find a match for either. Is this intended? (I finally found both a lever action Winchester and an SKS, which of course have internal mags)

6. I found at least 15 items yesterday that required batteries (I assume the 9-volt runs everything). None of these items had batteries in them when discovered, and I found NO batteries whatsoever. Is this intended? Where should I look for batteries?

7. Lastly, I found a Kar-98 rifle yesterday, which has (from personal knowledge, I have one in my collection) an internal 5-round magazine. However, the rifle would only load/hold one round.


Thanks for your help in advance!

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Hey wick! 


I'm gonna try to answer some of you questions as best I can!:)


1. If it's the gunholster you are talkin about, (English is not my native tongue) it goes on your vest slot I believe.

2. This sound alot like the angel arms glitch (also called spaghetti hands) this can happen from time to time, and the solution is closing the game, closing the dzsa launcher. Reopen the launcher, and press "load" instead of "play" on the server you want to join. When the game launches to loading screen, simply press play and that should fix it. 

The greyout of the scopes etc can also happen when you accidentally attach more than one scope to the weapon, different scopes use different slots on the modded guns, and does not block other slots beeing used at times.

3. This is sort of a question of personal opinions, there are several big backpacks etc. When I gear up for raids etc and focus on storage I use:

Large tactical belt 70

Mvs rucksack 180 slots

Heavy mvs rig with all attachments ~60 slots

Field jacket and pants ~60 slots

Many of these things can only be bought at trader, or taken from the victims of your brain of terror.

Experiment, find out what you like. It's not always about space. More gear means a bigger silhouette, and beeing spotted more easily.

4. Yes, ammo needs to be stacked manually.

5. Yes, the guns normally dont come with everything fitted, and you will need to search for that in addition to the gun, or buy at the trader.

6. Batteries usually spawns in industrial areas, and on zombies. You can also find them in toolsheds and houses.

7. Might be bugged, did you hold "r" to reload? 

Hope this helps a bit. Hit me up on discord or continue this thread if you need anything else.



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1. I tried putting it on my vest, would not go. This could be that the vest I am using is from another mod, or the base game and not compatible. It is also the only vest I have found so far. Will keep looking/trying combinations.

2. I looked at the angel arms glitch on the web, and this did not appear to be the same. Firstly, it was only affecting certain weapons, and the effects were different. It could be me glitching the weapon out myself, as you mentioned, as I do not have the time/exp with the UI and could have doubled up on an accessory.

3. Apparently, I have not found any really decent gear yet, because those slot numbers are enormous compared to what I have seen so far. I am hoping to find out what mod(s) are being used that affect the gear system, and then hopefully find vids explaining their use so I can work out combos from there. As I mentioned earlier, jumping from not playing at all into a fully modded version is a really STEEP learning curve.

4. That sucks. I do not mind inventory management, but wow.

6. I found one 9 volt yesterday, thanks for pointing me in the right direction, but I think the spawn rate is a bit low IMO

7. Yes, I tried every combination I could to get the Kar98 to work. My SKS loaded just fine, really hope the Kar was a one time issue, because I would much prefer using that gun over the other bolt actions I have found so far.


I am currently haunting the NW area of the Livonia server, seems like a dead area and perhaps the best place to find somewhere to store the gear I have at the moment so I can actually explore a bit. I am at this point desperate to find some storage, and VERY surprised I am still alive after all this time.

On that note, if you all see somebody carrying a shovel around at all times, its me and cut me some slack, lol, just trying to figure out the game.



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