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Medical Attention

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Medical Attention
Surviving on MTAS is going to get a lot harder... And the way you play is going to need to change.
Bringing back and building upon a lot of removed features of DayZ, we bring you... Medical Attention.

Below is a brief description and a little bit of information of what is being implemented...

Immunity is calculated using all four stats... your fluid, food, blood and health levels all work together to determine your immunity level. Your immunity level is pivotal to determining your disease level for many conditions, so it is best to maintain all levels as high as you are able. Some conditions may even wear off on their own if your immunity is high or greater.

Cholera is contracted by drinking from dirty water sources or drinking with bloody/dirty hands.
Symptoms: Vomiting when eating. Only your stomach is emptied, and there is no fluid loss or dehydration. The chances of vomiting is increased in the later stages of this disease.
Treatment: Eating in small quantities will lessen the chance of vomiting, and antibiotics will cure this condition.

Salmonella can be contracted from eating raw meat or from being hit by zombies (if your immunity level is below high).
Symptoms: Vomiting from time to time regardless of food/fluid intake, and considerable dehydration. In later stages vomiting will increase and dehydration will become a major threat to life.
Treatment: Prevention is your best course of action, keep your food, fluids, and immunity levels high. However, if you are struck down with this condition, vitamins will temporarily boost your immunity, stopping the evolution of the disease, and enable it to abate. Remember, antibiotics will not aid you, but charcoal will cure this condition, and saline will help with extreme fluid loss.

Wound Infection
Be advised that using normal rags on a bleeding wound has a chance of causing a wound infection.
Symptoms: Fever (blurred vision and constant water loss).
Treatment: Antibiotics or prevention...clean rags with alcohol or use sterile bandages.
Caution: Wound infections are more resistant to treatment than any other condition. You may require a course of multiple pills, however precise timing with dosing is required, waiting for the completion of the previous pill and dosing immediately after is the correct treatment plan.

Cold and/or Influenza
Common colds and flu can be contracted by enduring body temperature levels below normal for over 20 minutes.
Symptoms: The sneezing of a common cold will evolve to a cough and a fever (highlighted by blurred vision and constant water loss) if left untreated.
Treatment: Prevention with a high immunity is your best course of action. However, if you are struck down with this condition, vitamins will temporarily boost your immunity thereby stopping the evolution of the disease and will enable it to abate. Antibiotics will also cure this condition. And remember, wearing masks can prevent the spread of this disease.

Broken Legs
Fracture of leg bones can happen when falling from a height or taking damage from heavy melee attacks to the legs, high caliber bullets, explosions or bear traps.
Symptoms: Unable to sprint and falling prone very often.
Treatment: bones will heal by themselves in about 15 minutes. Injecting Morphine will prevent going prone and allow normal walking for 1 minute. Crafting and applying a splint will also allow walking normally for a longer period of time until the bones are completely healed. However there is no treatment that will allow full sprinting with fracture. Broken legs are buggy right now, working on perfecting it, this will be sorted in a day or so of testing.

Broken Arms
Fracture of arm bones can happen when taking damage from heavy melee attacks to the arms, high caliber bullets or explosions. Optionally, blocking zombie hits will have a chance to break the arms.
Symptoms: Shaking hands when aiming with a gun.
Treatment: bones will heal by themselves in about 10 minutes. Injecting Morphine or consuming pain killers will temporary remove the shaking symptom. Applying splint has no effect for arms.

Helpful Hints
Do not waste your medication ...taking multiple pills of the same type at the same time does not work, it is recommended that you wait until the previous pill icon has gone before using another. You can however utilise different types of pills at the same time to treat respective diseases.

Hemolytic Reaction
Transfusing blood with the incorrect blood type will create a hazardous hemolytic reaction. Blood loss will occur, you will still fall unconscious so take care.
Symptoms: Unconsciousness, decreasing blood levels, and likely death.
Treatment: Utilising saline bags will counter the blood loss, and therefore the negative effect of the hemolytic transfusion. Naturally, using the correct blood type for transfusion will avoid this situation.

Configure your server to serve your favourite alcoholic drinks.
Symptoms: Expect the negative effect of blurry vision, but the positive effect of reduced pain: the ability to walk/run faster when injured (similar to pain medications but with longer effects). But beware....the dangers of overindulgence are increasing laughter and potentially falling unconscious in the streets.
Treatment: As you would expect, over time, these effects will subside.

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Soon I will be able to become who I was meant to be in DayZ; An accident-prone alcoholic.

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