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Compensation Requests - billygrippo

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  • Your In-Game Name
  • Your Discord Name
    billygrippo (HOOOOORE)#9627
  • Date of the event
  • Time of the event
    about 11:00 pm GMT
  • Which server did the event take place on
    MTAS Autumn
  • Explain what happend
    The server crashed and a heavy plate carrier despawned from my inventory
  • Why do you feel that you deserve compensation for this incident?
    the plate carrier should not despawn from player inventory, and in fact did not since I logged out with it last night and still had it.
  • Does the incident involve gear, vehicles or both?
  • Estimated value of lost items
  • Provide an list of everything you lost?
    1 heavy plate carrier (dont recall if its 35k or 25k rubles
  • Provide video evidence to support your claim
  • Extra infomation
    ticket 9818

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Hello mate could you please upload your evidence to you tube. We will not be downloading anything.

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