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Found 2 results

  1. UN BLUE HELMS FORCES OF THE PEOPLE UNITED NATIONS FORCES IN CHERANUS OUR MESSAGE Managing crises around Chernarus Promoting stability in our neighborhood and protecting our people at home can sometimes mean taking action further afield.We stop further bloodshed from occurring in Major populated areas in Elektrozavodsk and Chernogorsk . Since 2015 Blue Helm's has helped to ensure that Chernarus is a safe haven for survivors and clearing out international terrorist groups.Blue Helms has also helped to prevent piracy off the costs of Chernarus and, since 2018, has helped address the refugee and migrant crisis in Chernarus. Fighting Terrorism: Blue Helms play an important role in fighting terrorism, contributing more than 15 Blue Helm troops to train local forces in majority populated city's . Blue Helm is also a full member of the Global Coalition to Defeat bandit groups , and our scout surveillance team continue to support the Coalition. Blue Helms is also training to protect the military abandon zones, and our new Intelligence Division helps us to anticipate and respond to threats. In NWAF, Blue Helms has set up a ‘Hub for the South’ to help Allies tackle the threat of terrorism. Troops and Equipment: Whenever Blue Helms carries out a mission, individual Allies commit troops and equipment to be placed under a unified Blue Helm command. These become known as “Blue Helms forces.” The only military equipment that Blue Helm owns is 5.56 weapons,military grade vests, (MRAPS, and other vehicle transport). Shooting on Site: Whenever on duty in uniform you must follow this main rule at all times. Shooting fresh spawns in no self defense is an offense that could result in a court marshal by your peers and staff. Protecting yourself at all times is the main goal but we are not here to take lives. Warning shots and non-fatal wounds are accepted to defended others and your team. Helping the people: We take a lot of pride in feeding,supplying, and escorting the new people of the Chernarus. The towns folk-en that survived the tragic apocalypse deserve the chance to be protected and helped at the cost of our life's. -Recruitment- ---------SELECTED-------- OPEN ENROLLMENT IS IN SELECTED.. WE HAVE ENLISTMENT AT THIS TIME HOWEVER WE ARE TAKING IN TRUSTED MEMBERS VERIFIED HIGH RANKING STAFF MEMBERS. ---MEMBERS-- 1st Founder. (Blau) 2nd. Foreign Policy (ZaPaarl) 3rd. Quartermaster. (Adebisii) 4th.(Paywin) 5th. Hunter (Crojs) 6th. ( Vali) 7th. Mortuary Affairs. (Bleu) 8th. Battle Surgeon (Highlander piper) 9th. (Messiah "sweden") 10th. Scavenger (Overlone Wolf) 11th. (Key1234) 12th. (Bmw1829) 13th. (Ash1586) 14th. (Messiah "sweden") 15th. Dar3 16th. Wiidies 17th.Ots16
  2. THE FALLEN LEGION OUR STORY AND MISSION Hey guys our group is called The Fallen Legion. We are a elite military group that existed before the outbreak which protected the people from all the rogue police,military, government Officials and any group that tried to rid of those trying to overthrow a well established organisation. When the outbreak hit we were called in to help contain and remove those involved in creating the virus. We were tasked on operation A-virus and dropped in a unknown location. Upon entering the facility and removing those involved we were overrun by these undead mutants and the scientist responsible made a run for it vanishing into thin air. My team and i fought our way out towards the rendezvous point in which we lost hundreds of men waiting on extraction. We finally flew out but our helicopter crashed in NWAF leaving us to fend off hundreds upon hundreds of these undead. We have vowed to help the people and assist those in need as we have seen many groups forming in this wasteland. So if you are looking for a group or people to run with hit me up. Looking to hire us to help you with issues or escorts let me know!!! SERVERS - SUMMER - LIVONIA THE LEGION MEMBERS Owner MERCS_007 Crew LINDER BOI SAVAGETONY WOODSGR SILVER_BULLET_400 Requirements to Join - Must have a mic - Must be able to speak English - Must be 16+ - Must be a member of MTAS discord. - Contact me on discord Mercs_007#4648
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