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MTAS Playground Community Rules

Page Created 17/12/2018 - Last updated: 24-08-2020 by Quav

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Thank you for your interest in joining our Community!

We aim to provide a fun, engaging and fair environment for everyone who wants to join in on the excitement within the increasingly popular ‘MTAS’ PvP Servers.

In order to help us maintain that environment as our Community grows, we have had to establish a few rules to keep a friendly, welcoming culture and level playing field for every single one of our Members.

We understand how enthusiastic you must be to jump right in and get started, but it’s important that you understand the Rules before exploding faces.

Below you will find what we consider our bible; it’s a quick 5-minute read, and should you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone!

By joining any MTAS Communal Area (Game Server, Forum or Discord), you are confirming that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by the rules within. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action being taken.

The penalties related to each rule breach are in brackets. However, these are recommended guidelines only and may be decreased or increased by the reviewing Member of Staff based on the severity of the breach.

Multiple offences carry stacked consequences. Likewise; repeat offenders will receive harsher penalties.

When creating a compensation request or report, evidence must be at most 7 days old unless it provides evidence to a more recent situation. (Ban appeals are exempt from this situation).

General Behaviour

1 | Members must always adhere to behaving with respect between one another. This includes but is not limited to; Racism, bullying, harassment, provocation, insulting, prejudice and discrimination. (7 Day Ban & strip)

2 | Do not disturb the function of any Communal Areas. Examples of this include; microphone spamming, text spamming, item spamming and advertising. (12hr Ban)

3 | Pornographic content or anything else considered NSFW is strictly prohibited from all Communal Areas. (Permanent Ban)

4 | Cheating, exploiting mechanics, stream-sniping, using 3rd party software or otherwise deriving benefit from any currently known, or unknown imperfections or glitches, on any of our service platforms is strictly against the rules. (Permanent Ban)

5 | Do not impersonate a Member of Staff internally or externally of the Community. (48hr Ban)

6 | Senior Staff reserve the right to expel any Community Member for any reason deemed necessary that are not distinctively specified within the rules.

7 | Breaching / avoiding bans using alt accounts or other methods can result in a perm ban and admins reserve the right to ban any / all linked accounts.

8 | Threatening, planning or admitting to breaking the rules is a bannable offense and is left to the admins discretion

8 | Any items you find that are "Admin Only" (It will be obvious) and you use it or fail to report it, it will result in a ban. Not that these items should be accessable by players anyway, the staff member will also recieive a punishment.(Discretion of Management)

9 | Griefing bases and individual players when it results in them being unable to play and enjoy the game is not tolorated on our servers. (7 Day Ban & strip)

10 | It is against the rules to sell ingame items for real world currency. (Permanent ban)

11 | Demanding and pressuring any member of our staff team to abuse their powers (in-game or on any community platform) will result in a permanent ban

12 | Finding loopholes in the rules and setting people up to get banned is NOT allowed. For example: Blocking in vehicles with placeable objects. (Punishment is at the discretion of the admin)

13 | Bambi camping is classed as greifing on this server and will not be tolorated on this server.(Punishment is at the discretion of the admin, up to 7 day ban)

14 | The use of "Mule Accounts" or Alternative accounts to store loot is strictly against our rules and will not be tolerated. (Temporary ban of main account (2 days) Permanent ban of Alt account).

Game Servers

We advocate the use of recording software whilst in game. So that it may be called upon as evidence when reviewing a potential rule breach.

It is also worth noting that we encourage the use to ‘TimeStamping’ when possible rule breaches occur within game by typing “TS/TimeStamp – [Suspected Rule Break]” using the in game text chat feature

Something to keep in mind is that admins have no obligation to compensate for vehicle glitches, vehicles are used at your own expense and will not be compensated for. You have been warned.

Trader Rules

It is recommended that all players use the Static Markers option available within their in-game Map Interface for a live visual aid for distance to Traders.

1.1 | Building of any type, including placement of storage items to be used as ‘stashes’, gardens and plants, is prohibited within 700m of any Trader this includes the Black Market. (24hr Ban)

1.2 | When leaving or entering any Trader area you may not engage or otherwise attack any player until you are beyond a 600m radius of the Trader, BM Trader is excluded from this rule.(up to 48hr Ban & Strip at the discression of the attending admin)

1.3 | You may not engage with or otherwise attack any player that is themselves within 600m radius of any Trader, BM Trader is excluded from this rule. (Up to 48hr Ban & Strip at the discression of the attending admin)

1.4 | It is against server ruling to ask, tempt, or otherwise convince any player to leave a Trader Area with the intention of engaging or attacking them. (48hr Ban & Strip)

1.5 | At all times remain conscious and aware of the effects your actions have on the frame rate of highly populated areas. For example; do not spam sources of particle effects such as lights and fires. (12hr Ban)

1.6 | Do not leave items or vehicles unattended within the confines of a Trader. (Item Deletion)

1.7 | Taking anything that does not belong to you or scamming someone during a trade within the confines of a Trader safe zone, is forbidden, even as a ‘joke’, BM Trader is excluded from this rule. (Up to 24hr Ban & Strip at the discression of the attending admin)

1.8 | If you are being shot at within 600m of trader you must not return fire as the 600M radius surrounding a Trader is a no engagement zone. If you are caught doing so the resulting punishment is the same as the suspect, BM Trader is excluded from this rule. (Up to 48hr Ban & Strip at the discression of the attending admin)

1.9 | Any use of the Megaphone within trader is strictly forbidden, BM Trader is excluded from this rule. (24hr Ban)

2.0 | Unless taking off/Landing, Helicopters MUST be turned off within the confines of Trader. In addition to this do NOT hover within the trader area. (Item Deletion)

2.1 | The use of Throwables (Grenades, Flashbangs, Smoke grenades) Within the confines of Trader is against the rules (48hr ban)

2.2 |In addition to rule 2.1, the use of the Toxic Smoke grenades within 600m of trader is strictly against the rules (7 day ban)

Base Rules

The classification of a Base is; any secure structure, natural or built, with at least one form of locking mechanism on any entrance or exit.

3.0 The use of landmines to continiously greif or impair usage of another players base is against the rules.

3.1 | Military Zones and such as North West Airfield, Zelenegorsk Barracks, Tisy, Stary Military, Balota, Myskino and Pavlovo are prohibited from Base building. This includes the use of any building mechanics to block paths of other players. Bases must be at least 100m away from the perimeter any military areas. (24hr Ban & Deletion)

3.2 | Using, storing or not informing an admin that a player has possesion of an item that it not meant to be in circulation or strictly meant for admins is a bannable offence. (72 hour - 7 day Ban & base removal at admin descretion)

3.3 | You are not allowed to block doorways using tents or any objects that are not able to be removed if that doorway is the only point of access to that room or base. If found these items will be deleted to allow fair access. (24hr Ban)

3.4 | Using items such as fireplaces, fence kits, watch tower kits, or any other hard to see, unrealistic item to cause grief to vehicles or players travelling is strictly against the rules. (24hr Ban)

3.5 | It is illegal to block or obstruct the use of any cement mixer and bases must also be at least 100m from any building containing a mixer. Any structures found to be in violation of this rule will be instantly removed and no compensation will be given.

3.6 | You must not stack walls one directly in front of the other, there must be enough room to walk unhindered between them. If walls built in this way are found, they will be removed by the admin team with no prior warning.

3.7 | In Addition to Rule 2.7 you are not allowed to "Layer" any placeable items. For Example no Layering tents on top of eachother to give yourself extra storage space etc. However if a tent fits inside of another tent that is ok e.g Car Tent > Large Tent.

3.8 | Sky bases and structures with no connection to the ground are forbidden. We also do not allow structures built at the top of buildings in an attempt to bridge several buildings without any connection to the ground with player built structures.

3.9 | Bases and structures must have a supporting connection to the ground every 2 Tiles (BBP Every 3rd Floor/roof must be supported). This can be a direct connection to the ground or a connection to a solid building or cliff face.

4.0 | Bases and structures must be build with realism in mind, (No floating bases or bases made out of stacks of objects, tents, barrels etc.) Any questions about the realism of a base just make a ticket.

4.1 | Bases must not be any taller than 5 walls high. This is due to bases causing mass server lag and also they can be unrealistic.This also includes the supports to hold the base up.

4.2 | Placing tents in walls or any other objects to where the "pack tent" option is unavailable is not allowed. (Item Deletion)

4.3 | All Bases MUST be raidable if you make an unraidable base then it may be opened up by an admin without warning.

4.4 | Creating A "Draw Bridge" to enter your base is not allowed as this makes it almost impossible to raid without violating other rules. (Base Deletion)

4.5 | Building in the rooms in the apartment buildings that are not accessible via the staircase is not allowed. (Base Deletion)

4.6 | **DEERISLE ONLY** The Bottom Left island (Jungle Temple) is Not to be Built on aswell as the Sugar Hill Racetrack on the North East side of the map. (Base Deletion)

Combat Rules

This is a Player Versus Player server with no rules against Kill On Sight. However, we welcome and encourage players to explore other avenues, such as Role Play, Hostage Situations and Sieges.

If the server happens to crash or restart whilst you are in the middle of combat, you are not obligated to join back as this can be unfair in some circumstances due to the queue and some people having priority queue.

The definition of Combat Logging is; Logging Off or otherwise disconnecting from the server to avoid engagement, death or other form of hostility.

5.0 | It is against the rules to Combat Log within 15 minutes of being hit or taking fire in your general direction. (24hr Ban)

5.1 | You must wait 15 minutes before Combat Logging since you last engaged with, or otherwise attack any other player. (24hr Ban)

5.2 | Entering the Trader Area no-engagement radius, as defined within 1.2 & 1.3, inside 5 minutes of either; last engaging, or last being engaged by another player, is not allowed. (24hr Ban)

Raiding Rules

5.3 | Gaining access to a base by prop climbing, unrealistic player boosting (more than 3 players), glitching through walls, windows with bars (yes window frames count as bars) and doors is strictly against the rules. If you need to bug your character and it makes un-natural movements to force your way in to a window or wall or any type of entry this is also considered glitching.(Permanent ban)

5.4 | You are not allowed to use any placeable objects to boost over player base walls I.E: Cabinets, barrels, gardenboxes ETC. This rule extends to placing any objects regardless of reason while raiding another player's base. IE wire mesh barriers for cover or tents for storing items. (7 Day Ban & strip)

5.5 | Exploiting game mechanics to be used in a way that is not intended to unfairly gain access to a Base is strictly forbidden. (7 Day Ban & Strip)

5.6 | If access is gained to another players Base, you must NOT log off or disconnect within the confines of the structure. An exemption to this rule, is if all locking mechanisms within the base are replaced with your own. In additon to this ALL locks must be broken before you start to replace existing locks with your own. (24hr Ban)

5.7 | The main raiding tools on these servers are Breaching charges. We do however also allow raiding by player boosting on shoulders up to a maximum of 3 players, boosting with Vehicles and also Watchtowers. No other building or props are allowed.


Much like the website, Discord is host to several Tools that are designed to assist Staff in supporting Members as efficiently as possible. We promise that these are far quicker ways of getting an issue resolved, rather than contacting a Member of Staff directly.

If you have a question about the game, or otherwise something in general you’d like to know, our incredibly knowledgeable Community will likely know much more than we will!

  • Use the ‘Help’ tab in Discord.
  • The answer you are looking for may already be in the ‘FAQ’ channel so try looking there first.
  • Otherwise visit the ‘help’ channel and someone will surely know the answer!

If you find yourself in need of assistance from a Member of Staff;

  • First locate the ‘Admin Support’ tab on discord.
  • Enter ‘Request-an-admin’.
  • Thoroughly read the insctructions and click the envelope.
  • Please continue with your day and wait patiently until we get to your ticket. We know you are waiting.

1 | Do not post links to any external websites or other Discords, with the exception of a webpage from MyloTheAverageSniper.com. (24hr Ban)

2 | Do not invite any bots. (24hr Ban & Removal)

3 | Do not post animated pictures into any channel. With the exception of your own Private Clan Chat. (24hr Ban & Removal)

4 | You are not allowed to discuss the location of any player base that is not your own on the MTAS Discord. (24hr Ban)


Throughout the Website & Forums there are several tools available to support Members. Please ensure that you are using these and properly reading the instructions on how to use each one before posting. Avoid messaging Staff directly about these subjects and remember that these services are not instant and may take some time to resolve. As we get a high number of requests, so your patience is highly appreciated.

Thank you and have fun!

Much love from,

Mylo and the rest of the Team.

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