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  1. In-game Name: Capnstran Discord Tag: #7557 Number (that you are guessing): 1166
  2. Hello everyone, just wanted to make a quick introduction. In game I’m Capnstran, I’ve been playing on the autumn server. I only played a day and a half before the servers went down for updates; however, i can assure you I will be around for a while. This was the first modded server for sa that i have played mainly because I was unaware that they existed. I’m not too big on watching people play on youtube which is how i never found out haha. I started watching Mylo and instantly wanted to join. The server instantly brought me back to my arma 2 epoch days. I’m looking for a group/clan to join because 9/10 times, dayz has turned into a game of who is going to betray the other first. Looking for a group of players I can progress with, base build, and pvp with. Let me know if you’re interested!
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