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  1. Maybe place-able, mountable static weapons like a Kord tripod? https://youtu.be/ka1IJkhvfHs Either use it for on top of bases, or carry it around - with the downside being that you can't have a backpack as the backpack itself is the gun
  2. I feel like the recent changes to tents have made it incredibly pointless having a base as they are far too easy to raid. I had a conversation with a guy in Discord earlier today and he told me that as he was part of a clan it was very easy to just buy C4 if they wanted to sell guns etc - "we could get 5 in a night easily". This begs the question "why C4 is so easy for people to obtain?" Is it that it's not rare enough at airdrops or (in this case) you can buy it? I like the idea of the black market when you take it at face value. It makes sense. A trader with no safezone in which you can purchase the rarest items in the game. However, when you think about it, it doesn't work as intended. People simply abuse the fact that they can farm guns from any of the many military spawns and subsequently purchase these rare items with little resistance/contest. Which is the polar opposite of the airdrop - in which you rely on luck to obtain these rare items in, what is usually, a hotly contested and fairly confined area of the map. This exploitation makes it so these large clans can haul tens of thousands of roubles of guns that they can sell at trader in a pretty short amount of time which, in turn, allows them to buy lots of C4. This leaves little to no chance for anyone with a base to withstand any attempt at an attack when they are offline against a firepower like that. I believe the airdrops are balanced because no matter how many people they throw at it, there's still the same amount of loot per 60 minutes. Raid saws are the complete opposite and are in a terrible state at the moment. Far too common - which doesn't help. Why lock a locker any more when everyone has 10 raid saws or 10 minutes to go and find one in an industrial? My solution is as follows: Remove the ability to purchase C4 or maybe make it a lot, lot more expensive Remove all raid saws and add them back as a very rare, 2 use, airdrop item (same sort of chance as the C4) Add the ability to codelock tents back in, and perhaps develop a fix for them to be sawed with a raid saw (maybe easier said than done) Let me know what your thoughts are as currently I believe everything is a bit too vulnerable - especially for solo players
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