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  1. All updates on the server are available ASAP. Sometimes the MOD updates are only bug fixes and not additional items. Thanks
  2. Quav

    Compensation Requests - LeggenteMäx

    We don't Compensate for helicopters. Please amend the Compensation request to your gear only and supply evidence. Thanks,
  3. Quav

    Compensation Requests - [FLEX] Pxrma

    Compensation Rejected - We don't compensate for Helicopters.
  4. Quav

    Compensation Requests - [Flex] SioX

    Compensation Rejected - Multiple Requests Made.
  5. Quav

    Compensation Requests - NOMAD

    Compensation Request Rejected - No evidence supplied.
  6. Quav

    Best Video on MTAS

  7. Quav

    Compensation Requests - Sergie.

    Request Accepted - Please open a ticket to receive your compensation.
  8. Quav

    Compensation Requests - Mikey

    Request Accepted - Please notify an admin to receive compensation.
  9. Quav

    Compensation Requests - billygrippo

    Please upload the video to YouTube and put the link into this ticket. The video isn't working. Thanks
  10. Quav

    DayZ Missions Update

    Great Job mate, Really like the look of this.
  11. Quav

    Hi, I'm Charlie

    Hi Charlie, Welcome to the MTAS Community. If you need any help let us know on the discord channel 🙂
  12. Quav

    Less Mods = Less Crashes

    Hi mate, The game is crashing at the moment due to Bohemia not knowing how to fix their game. We are using the same mods we always have so it isnt that. Thanks,
  13. Quav

    Compensation Requests - Moop

    Request Accepted - COMP for Ghillie Suit ONLY. Please open a ticket to receive compensation.
  14. Quav

    Compensation Requests - ZelenyyISaD

    Request Denied - As clearly displayed on the vehicle trader before purchase we do not compensate or assist with any vehicle issue. Thank you
  15. Quav

    Compensation Requests - Solhof

    Request Accepted - Not for the money only for the breaching charge. Please open a ticket to receive compensation.