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  1. Quav Ill team with anyone. Don't care who
  2. Ign: Quav Discord: Quav#0001
  3. Found by: PixelPix Step 1: Steam>Steam apps> Workshop> Downloads and delete the files in there Step 2: Relaunch the download of missing mods via the DZSA Launcher If the issue continues after you have completed the steps you will need to uninstall the game and reinstall.
  4. Hi mate, We have a compensation request section for these kinds of issues. However we dont compensate for vehicles. Thanks,
  5. We have previously had this on the server but unfortunately it wasnt very stable and would crash the server. I will bring it up at the next staff meeting. Thanks for your suggestion.
  6. This will be discussed at the next staff meeting Thanks for your suggestion.
  7. This will be discussed at the next staff meeting. Thanks for your suggestion.
  8. This mod is something that we can look into. I will bring it up at the next meeting and let you know. Thanks,
  9. Thanks for the suggestions however as the weapons arent included in the MTAS modpack it isn't something we are able to edit and change but we are currently working on increasing the MTAS Mod pack and implementing new guns and fixing current weapons. These weapons are mostly part of different mods aswell which can cause issues with compatibility. Thanks,
  10. Hi mate, I personally really like this idea and will bring it up at the next staff meeting. Thanks,
  11. If you can find the mod i would be happy to look into it and potentially implement it. Thanks,
  12. This would also bring issues to the stability of the server, However it is something we are looking into increasing. We are currently increasing the limit on the servers slightly to test the stability of the server. Thanks,
  13. Quav

    sort your admins

    Hi Mate, Firstly, You're not being kicked by an admin the server wont allow you to enter as your name isn't valid. Try changing it on the DZSA Launcher. Secondly, watch your attitude, if you need help all you need todo is ask. Thanks,
  14. Hi Frag Daddy, Thanks for your comments. The NATO Trader is further back from the other trader as it holds stronger weapons and more items for players to go and buy, The Russian trader is where you can buy cheaper gear with items you have found or looted off players. We dont have custom spawns mainly due to the point we dont want players running straight into a trader with no reason to be there Thanks,
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