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  1. Raiding is effectively the same as on most other servers, there are a few ways to get raiding materials, the main way would be to hunt air drops, you can currently get homemade breaching charges from blue and red airdrops and heavy breaching charges spawn in green airdrops. You can also go into the Radiation zone on Summer/Autumn server and kill the AI for a chance to receive a keycard that grants you access to a bunker that has a chance to spawn C4 sticks, Detonators etc. Meaning you can craft your own breaching charges.
  2. Deer Isle should have it's own loading screen, as for Summer and Autumn, I can see if that's possible for you!
  3. This was a Bohemia change, so I'm not sure if we're even in control of this to be honest with you. I will ask about it for you though.
  4. Hello, Please could you post this in the Ban Appeal section. Thank you.
  5. We made them widely available so that everyone could try the new Altyn before the wipe, which will be in the coming days.
  6. This has already been disupted and the rule was changed if you would like to check Scarletts post in the minor updates section of the discord. Making it so that no window can be enetered through would remove quite a lot of innovative raiding techniques, for example, this building in Novaya Petrovka. You are proposing that you cannot enter either section of this window, when in fact, the rules state that you can enter through the area I have circled in red, but you can not enter in the area I have circled in blue. The system is in place to keep things realistic. The staff team are well educated
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